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Mokshada Ekadashi 2022 Kab Hai Vrat Katha Lord Vishnu Puja Muhurat

Mokshada Ekadashi 2022 Date and Time: The fasting life of Mokshada Ekadashi is considered to remove all the troubles. The fast of Mokshada Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Marshish month will be observed on 3rd December 2022, Saturday and on Dwadashi Tithi i.e. on 4th December 2022 from 01.20 pm to 03.27 pm.

This Ekadashi is considered to liberate a person from the bondage of worldly attachment and to give salvation to the ancestors. Every Ekadashi story has special significance. During fasting, worship is considered incomplete without the story of Mokshada Ekadashi. Let’s know the story of Mokshada Ekadashi.

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Mokshada Ekadashi story

According to legend, King Vaikhanas ruled the city of Champa. The people of the city were very happy with the justice system towards the subjects of the king. He used to take full care of his people. One night the king saw in a dream that his forefathers were suffering the torture of hell. He was very sad to know about the condition of the ancestors. As soon as the morning came, he called the priest of the state and asked about the solution for the salvation of the ancestors. Brahmins said that only mountain sages can solve this problem.

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This Ekadashi shows the way to salvation

King Vaikhanas reached the hermitage of Parvat Rishi after listening to the Raj Purohit and requested to know the way of salvation of the ancestors who were suffering in hell. Mahatma Parvat told that his ancestor had committed a sin in his previous birth, due to which he is suffering the tortures of hell. The sage said, on the Mokshada Ekadashi of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Margashirsha, observe a ritualistic fast of Shri Hari Vishnu, and donate. With the effect of this fast, the ancestors will be freed from hell. On Mokshada Ekadashi, the king followed all the rituals according to the advice of the sage, as a result of which the forefathers attained salvation and were freed from the bondage of birth and death.

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