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RAM Optimizer
Written by Altaf Shaikh

Memory booster RAM Optimizer is compatible with all the Android Smartphones. It enhances your device speed by resolving memory issues with cache cleaner, speed booster, real-time RAM usage, and start-up the boost. Although there are tons of apps that claim to speed up your Smartphone performance, there are only few that actually work. Memory booster RAM optimizer is one of a kind that genuinely enhances your Smartphone’s speed.

The app is built to tackle crucial problems of memory management. In fact, it increases your Smartphone’s speed by making more memory available for both your mobile system and applications. RAM optimizer defragment your device memory by recovering memories from applications that behave poorly and flushing unnecessary applications temporarily.

There is some key factor that makes Memory booster RAM optimizer unique. The fine optimization of this app makes your gaming experience and accessing your favorite applications very efficient and smooth.

RAM Optimizer

Features and Specs of Memory booster RAM Optimizer:

  • Analyze your memory at a glance.
  • Shows live chart to demonstrate how your phones RAM changes.
  • Within seconds it frees up your memory instantly.
  • Dark theme for the notification bar.
  • Developed by AIO Software Technology CO.Ltd.
  • Fix to boot and speed up issues.
  • It can ignore apps that you don’t want to disable.
  • Gives you easy read status report.
  • Display your total available memory and current memory usage.
  • Checks your Smartphone’s performance and see if your system is overload.
  • Keeps your memory at your desired level.
  • It smartly detects the setting recommended for your device.
  • Auto-boosting feature in the background.
  • It reclaims unused memories for better performance.
  • Unique cache management technique.
  • Protects your device from crashing.
  • Analyses your a memory and automatically cleans your system’s memory when it reaches a critical point.
  • Last updated on Nov 6, 2016.
  • Installed 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 times around the globe.
  • Stops running apps with effective task killers.
  • Increase startup speed with 100%.
  • Read your phone status and identity.
  • Read the contents of your USB storage.
  • Can change screen orientation.
  • Prevent your device from sleeping.
  • You can change language feature in settings.
  • Latest version v5.9.9.7.

How to download Memory booster RAM Optimizer:

RAM optimizer is available on various platforms but it is best if you download from Google Play store. Open play store and type memory booster Ram optimizer. Tap install after completing the certain process for downloading. Enjoy RAM optimizer and keep your device boosted.
The app has other additional feature that adds embedded advance task manager, boost level manager, and whitelist manager. It manually allows quitting running apps so that it can maintain users experience and boost strength smoothly in accordance with one’s demand.

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Phone memory is one of the most important resources in your device. If it doesn’t work proficiently then it is for sure that your device will crash. The developers of RAM optimizer came up with this brilliant idea of solving this problem. It not only saves your phone from crashing but also keeps your phone to operate faster in many aspects.

Download this app from Play store and enjoy. I believe the article was helpful to gather information about it. Stay upgraded and stay tuned. Feel free to comment any thoughts below. Thank you and have a great day.

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