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Meera Allegations That Mahesh Bhatt Was Possessive And Physically Abusive

Meera Allegations On Mahesh Bhatt: Famous producer and director Mahesh Bhatt is a name in Bollywood that has a long history of controversies. Sometimes Mahesh Bhatt has faced a lot of infamy due to the allegations made by the celebs for controversial statements. These include a name of Pakistani actress Meera, who accused Mahesh Bhatt of exploiting herself, due to which she had to leave Bollywood.

During a conversation with Times of India in Karachi, Meera told that Mahesh Bhatt did not want him to work with any other director. They were the ones due to which he left Bollywood and when he tried to come back, he did not even allow him to come.

Journey of Bollywood was not easy
Meera said, “Working with Bollywood was a great experience. I got a lot of love from the Indian audience. But the journey of Bollywood was not easy for me. There were many difficulties but I did not give up. In the early days Bollywood was completely new to me. I didn’t know anyone in Mumbai except Mahesh Bhatt. It took a long time to get to know people. Mahesh Bhatt introduced me to the industry. I used to respect Mahesh ji a lot. He was my mentor and mentor. I will also give the credit of my success to him.

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When Mahesh Bhatt slapped Meera
Meera said, “When I started my film career with the film ‘Nazar’, I got offers from many famous directors like Ram Gopal Varma, Mani Ratnam, Subhash Ghai who wanted to work with me. But Mahesh Bhatt did not want me to work with anyone other than him. One night I met Subhash Ghai. When I told this to Mahesh ji, he got very angry, shouted at me and slapped me two-three times.

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First daughter used to tell special one
Meera had further said, “I don’t know why… he used to talk very strange things. He used to tell me that you are like worship to me. There is no difference between you and worship. And then after some time would say that I love you a lot and you are very special to me. It is very difficult to tell what they wanted from me.

Mahesh ji closed all the roads
Meera said, “Once we had a fight then he apologized to me. After that Mahesh told me that I cannot handle your problems now, then it would be better if you go back to Pakistan. I went. But when I wanted to come back, they did not let me come. Now there was no hope left for me to enter Bollywood. He blocked all my paths. I was very upset, I used to tell myself what was my mistake. Although I have not been able to understand Mahesh ji till now.

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