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Many problems can happen even after recovering from dengue take special care…

Dengue is a deadly disease, which is spread through mosquito bites. To avoid dengue, people should keep their house and surrounding area clean. With the arrival of monsoon, the problem of dengue also increases, so there is a need to be more careful. At the same time, even after recovering from dengue, patients should take care of many precautions. Because even after recovery, problems like weakness in the body can feast on other diseases.

Dengue is a serious disease, due to which thousands of people die every year in the country. The larvae of its mosquito spread rapidly, due to which every year the government issues guidelines regarding dengue. People suffering from dengue often have problems with high fever, due to high fever, many parts of the body also become weak. When the patient’s condition worsens, the blood platelets also drop. Its deficiency causes weakness in the patient’s body.

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symptoms of dengue
Most of the early symptoms of dengue are not recognized and this is the reason why the patient does not get to know about it immediately. Symptoms of dengue appear within 4 to 10 days after mosquito bite. In this, the patient often gets symptoms like high fever, headache, dizziness, pain in the whole body and stomach upset.

These problems can happen even after recovering from dengue

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Weakness of body: Patients recovering from dengue often have weakness and sometimes it takes longer to recover from this weakness. Due to weakness, the body feels tired all the time and at the same time the digestive system also becomes weak.

Joint and muscle pain: Many times, even after recovering from dengue, there is a problem of pain in the joints and muscles. Apart from this, if the fever was very high at that time, then the problem of pain sometimes remains for a long time.

Hair fall:After dengue, our hair also starts falling a lot and sometimes it becomes light. Due to dengue, our immune system becomes very weak, due to which the problem of hair fall comes.

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Weak immunity: Dengue also has a profound effect on the body’s immune system, due to dengue your immunity becomes weak and you feel more tired and weak, apart from this your chances of getting sick also increase.

keep these things in mind

  1. Wear only full sleeve clothes.
  2. Take good care of food and drink, consume more liquid things.
  3. Take special care of cleanliness around you, do not allow water to collect anywhere.
  4. Do not allow dirt to accumulate in the cooler and water tank.
  5. Even after the patient is cured, do your health checkup.

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