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Many Common Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Same As Men

Heart Attack: Heart attack is also called myocardial infarction in medical language. Heart attack occurs when the supply of blood to the heart is not done properly or stops. In such a situation, if there is no supply of blood to the heart on time, then a person can also die. Heart attack is a dangerous condition, in which many times there is no time to seek treatment and due to this many people die. The symptoms of a heart attack in women are similar to those in men.

According to the British Heart Foundation, the most common symptoms of a heart attack are chest pain and discomfort, which comes on suddenly and doesn’t go away quickly. These symptoms make you feel like pressure or heaviness in your chest. You may also feel like indigestion or heartburn. The National Health Service (NHS) says that there are many more common symptoms of heart attack, such as-

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1. Pain in the left or right arm or neck and pain spreading to the jaw, back and abdomen.

2. to feel sick

3. profuse sweating

4. shortness of breath

5. cough or wheezing

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6. feeling anxious

Are heart attack symptoms different in women?

The debate is still going on whether the symptoms of heart attack are different in women and men. The British Heart Foundation argues that the symptoms and severity of a heart attack vary from person to person, regardless of gender. The National Health Service says that during a heart attack, women are more likely to have trouble breathing, become ill, have back or jaw pain.

Why don’t women recognize the symptoms?

Sadly, women do not recognize the symptoms early enough. By looking at the health of men, their condition can be ascertained. But this does not happen every time in the case of women. They can reduce chest pain till indigestion. The BHF says that it is important for women to recognize heart attack symptoms, take them seriously and act on them before damage to the heart muscle occurs.

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