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Maleesha Kharwa: Why is this model called ‘Slum Princess of India’? Learn…

Malisha Kharwa
– photo: instagram


Maleesha Kharwa: To say that fairy tales are not reality, they are illusions of dreams, but girls who live with fairies in their dreams live in the hope that maybe one day they too will be able to fly in the sky like fairies. The dream of one of these girls has come true. Like a Cinderella story, this girl’s fortunes changed when she came out of the slum to become a social media sensation. This is the story of Malisha Kharwa, who lives in the slums of Mumbai. Malisha was only 14 years old when she got wings on her feet and today she is flying in the sky after leaving the colony.

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Malisha became a social media sensation

Actually Malisha used to live in the slums of Mumbai. The father of this simple girl living in the slum used to work hard to run the house. He would go to children’s parties as a clown. The money he got from this work, used to feed the family. Apart from Malisha and her parents, there is also a younger brother in the family.

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Luck changed after meeting Robert Hoffman

But suddenly Malisha’s life took a big turn when Hollywood actor Robert Hoffman caught her eye. Robert visited India in February last year. Robert came here to shoot a music video. However, due to some reason that shooting could not happen.

Make video with actor Robert Hoffman

But he met Malisha. Malisha stood out among the slum dwellers, but one could have liked Malisha even in that crowd. Robert made several Instagram videos with Malisha. An Instagram page of Malisha was created, in which these videos were inserted. In the video, Malisha is seen teaching Hindi to Robert Hoffman. At present, the followers of his Instagram account are in lakhs.

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fashion magazine cover girl

Later, Malisha got a chance to do a photoshoot for the famous designer Falguni Shane Peacock’s Peacock magazine and she became the cover girl of this fashion magazine. He started getting many big offers. A documentary was also made on Malisha’s journey called ‘Live Your Fairy Tale’. Malisha Kharwa is today a social media influencer, content creator and model and is popularly known as Slum Princess of India.



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