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Make Your Friends Phones Into a Portable Sound System With AmpMe

Written by Altaf Shaikh


You might be thinking what this AmpMe is about? How it’s different from other music streaming apps?


AmpMe is a Canadian startup an audio-synchronizing free music app, which allows the users to connect and play the same music on multiple devices. The users can host their favorite music through the App, also can connect with friends enabling them to play music in perfect sync.


Martin-Luc Archambault Founder & Ceo of AmpMe launched the App in 2015, with the goal to bring the joy of social music to people all over the world.

In-app, users can host & play music from a music streaming site like SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify etc. You will also be able to play music from your own local playlist. It uses a type of software for predictive synchronization and features like auto-join to get the party going easy and faster without issue.


YouTube was added as a source by AmpMe in June 2016


Spotify was added as a music source by AmpMe in January 2017

No network? Don’t worry enable offline mode in settings

If you are having an internet connectivity problem or slow network in your region or current position, then don’t worry it got Offline mode. The earlier version of AmpMe didn’t have the feature of offline mode, but now with the offline mode, you can connect with your friends through hotspot establishing a unique Wi-Fi network within your phone range.


Turn your phone into a speaker box

The Offline Mode feature is very good & useful for the Partygoers, who wish to connect through Wi-Fi instead of net. When you open the app it searches for the nearby AmpMe’s users if there is host phone you’ll get an option for joining. The app also has the function for syncing Bluetooth speaker.


Synchronizes with Bluetooth Speakers for better-enhanced experience

Connect with your friend’s phones and play the same song on multiple Android/iOS devices with perfect sync via audio fingerprint. The background noises also won’t inhibit the AmpMe’s Users from joining the host party.

If you going to connect with AmpMe’s host users nearby through the net you will need to ON your GPRS. So that it can locate your position and connect with nearby AmpMe’s User. And if you are going to connect with nearby people without a net to join, you need to ON your Wi-Fi & if you are the host user then ON your Hotspot.


Synchronize your favorite songs or any audio with your friends or the world. It’s a Revolutionize app you’ll ever find.

The app also allows the users to automatically synchronize quickly with new Predictive Sync Technology. Predictive sync was developed to analyze many hardware configurations of devices. According to that, the app is able to learn and predict the sync of each device connected to host user.


Webby Awards Honoree

AmpMe logo

Not only for unlimited High-Speed Net but for everyone

AmpMe CEO Martin-Luc Archambault said They want the app to be for everyone, not just for those lucky people who enjoy an unlimited speed net. You can play not only audio but video as well, So sync your phone with multiple phones to create a portable sound system.

Check out the specification for the app:
  • It’s Compatible withAndroid 4.1 & above, iOS 7.1+ & above and Apple Watch.
  • It can synchronize with an unlimited number of Android and iOS Devices.
  • It can also synchronize with the Bluetooth Speakers for a better sound enhanced experience.
You can Download AmpMe both in iOS App Store and Google PlayStore:


  •  For Download in iOS App Store Click on the Button below

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  • For Download in Google PlayStore Click on the Button below

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