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Make Momos At Home With These Easy Methods, Learn How | (FOR MORNING)…

Homemade Momos: Momos have become the favorite street food of the youth in today’s time. People of all ages like to eat it. In the last few years, momos have gained a different popularity in India. Especially in North Indian states, it is very much liked to eat. There are many types of momos. They can be made in many ways. However, sometimes momos lovers are very impatient not to be able to make it at home. While you can easily prepare this dish at home. Let us tell you its easy recipe through this article today, which you can try at your home and enjoy market-like momos at home.

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make momos at home


2 cups – all purpose flour

1/2 finely chopped cabbage

1/2 cup grated paneer

1 finely chopped onion

4 to 5 cloves (grated) – Garlic

1 tsp black pepper powder


salt as per taste

green coriander

How to make momos at home

Step 1- Make the Dough

First of all, take flour in a vessel. Prepare a smooth dough by adding salt and water to the flour. Keep this dough to be set aside.

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Step 2- Prepare the stuffing

Take a big bowl and prepare a mixture by mixing cabbage, coriander, paneer, onion and garlic in it. Add oil, salt, and black pepper powder to the mixture and keep it for 1 hour. This will make your raw cabbage soft.

Step 3- Give shape to momos

Make a shape of the dough you have prepared by rolling it like thin rotis and stuffing in this shape. While doing this prepare the shapes.

Step 4- Cook the momos

Take a steam vessel to cook momos. Fill the bottom pot with water more than half and put it on the gas. Now place the prepared momos on the separator of this utensil and set the momos on the pot of hot water. For this it is necessary that the utensil should be smooth. Cook the momos on medium heat for 10 minutes.

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Step 4- Momos are ready

Your momos are ready. If you want, you can serve them with red chutney, green chutney or mayonnaise.

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