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Lulu Mall Owner MA Yusuff Ali Nice Dr. Fahima Ashraf Ali Weeding In UAE Abu…

Lulu Mall Owner Nice Marriage: Dr. Fahima Ali, niece of MA Yusuf Ali, owner of Lulu Mall, was married with great fanfare on Sunday (June 4) in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to the report of Khaleej Times, this royal wedding is being discussed everywhere. This marriage is considered to be the most unique marriage of Abu Dhabi.

A lot of preparation was done for the marriage of the niece of the owner of Lulu Mall. According to the report of Khaleej Times, this royal wedding is being considered as the biggest wedding ever done by any Indian resident in Abu Dhabi. About 1000 guests attended this wedding.

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Indian ambassador attended the wedding
In the wedding program held in Abu Dhabi, the ceremony venue was decorated with expensive flower petals. Music was also organized during this time. A four-tiered cake was also cut. The wedding was organized at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The marriage took place between Dr. Fahima Ali and Mubeen Mustafa, the niece of prominent Indian-origin atropreneur MA Yusuf Ali.

UAE Minister of State Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan also attended the wedding. Apart from this, Indian Ambassador to UAE Sanjay Sudhir, Ambassador of Italy Lorenzo Fanara, Alison Milton of Ireland, P.V. Including many diplomats also participated.

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lulu mall in india
MA Yusuf Ali, the owner of Lulu Mall, also has a mall in Lucknow, India. This mall was opened only in the year 2022. The specialty of this mall is that it is spread over 22 lakh square feet and a total of 2 thousand crores has been spent in making it. There are also 15 big restaurants and 25 big brand outlets inside this mall. In the parking lot of this mall, about 3 thousand vehicles can be parked comfortably together.

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