Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Lufthansa Airlines Canceled Hundreds Of Flights Issued A Company Statement Statement This Reason

Lufthansa Cancels Flights: German national carrier Lufthansa said on Thursday it was canceling hundreds of flights during the summer holidays due to staff shortages. The company said in a statement that it has seen a “surge in demand” as the coronavirus outbreak subsides, which is “good news after the most severe crisis in aviation”.

However, the company said that the “infrastructure is not fully recovered”, causing “bottlenecks and staff shortages” in Europe, leading to airports, ground service, air traffic. Control (Air Traffic Control) and airlines were affected.

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900 flights canceled
As a result, Lufthansa said it has canceled 900 German and European flights to Frankfurt and Munich on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (about five percent of its normal weekend capacity) for July. Its carrier Eurowings removed “several hundred flights” for July.

The company said that passengers who have already booked flights will be informed and their timings will be changed. The company said it is asking its customers to allow enough time at airports to deal with potential delays, use digital services as much as possible and reduce carry-on baggage.

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‘Passenger numbers seem to bounce back after coronavirus pandemic’
Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr said last month the airline was anticipating a record boom for tourist activity. The latest figures show a bounce back in passenger numbers after the coronavirus pandemic.

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Spohr said the number of passengers on Lufthansa flights “more than quadrupled” to 13 million in the first quarter, compared to three million in 2021, when travel restrictions were more severe in many markets.

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