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These are the longest train journeys of India, 80 hours have to be done in one train…

Long Train Journeys In India: The network of Indian Railways is huge. Different types of trains run in different states of the country. The journey of some trains is also very long. With its vast network spread over 115,000 kms, Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world. Let us tell you that in a train, passengers have to travel up to 80 hours to reach their destination. This train runs from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari. In fact, more than 20000 passenger trains and more than 7000 goods trains run daily from 7349 stations in India. Let us tell you today about India’s longest train journey. This train runs on the longest routes of India.

Humsafar Express (Agartala to Bangalore Cantonment)
Humsafar Express train runs between Agartala and Bangalore Cantonment. This train covers a distance of 3570 kms in 64 hrs and 15 mins. During its journey, this train stops at 28 stations. Humsafar Express runs from Agartala to Bangalore Cantonment twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays only.

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Vivek Express (Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari)
The name of Vivek Express comes at the top of the list of long train journeys. It runs from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari only once in a week. Currently this weekly train comes in the longest train routes in India and is the 24th (in terms of distance and time) rail in the world. This train takes stoppages at more than 50 stations from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari. Its journey is of 80 hours in which it covers a distance of 4273 km.

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Himsagar Express (Kanyakumari to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra)
Himsagar Express train runs between Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra and Kanyakumari. This weekly train crosses 12 states and stops at 73 stations. It covers a distance of 3785 kms in 73 hours.

Amritsar Kochuveli Express (Amritsar To Kochuveli Thiruvananthapuram)
Amritsar Kochuveli Express runs every Sunday from Amritsar to Kochuveli Thiruvananthapuram. This train passes through 7 states and has stoppages at 25 stations. This train takes 57 hours to cover a distance of 3597 kms.

Thiruvananthapuram-Silchar Superfast Express
Thiruvananthapuram -Silchar Superfast Express is a weekly train. It was earlier called Thiruvananthapuram Central-Guwahati Superfast Express. After this, the rail route was extended on 21 November 2017 and since then this train has become Thiruvananthapuram-Silchar Superfast Express. This train covers a distance of 3932 kms in 76h 35m and stops at 54 stations.

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Navyug Express (Mangalore Central to Jammu Tawi)
A. Navyug Express takes 4 days to reach Mangalore Central from Jammu Tawi. This train stops at 59 stations and covers a distance of 3685 kms in 4 days. Navyug or New-Era Express is a weekly train that passes through 15 states.

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