Wednesday, March 22, 2023

London Canary Wharf Citibank Fired Indian Banker Paras Shah For Stealing…

Sandwich Thief: A surprising case has come to light from London, where stealing a sandwich from the office canteen cost a person dearly. According to information, high-profile Indian banker Paras Shah was fired for stealing a sandwich from the office canteen in London.

Paras Shah’s annual salary was around Rs 9.2 crore. This incident is from the European headquarters of Citibank in Canary Wharf, London. After this action of the bank, some people are saying that it is hurting Shah’s reputation, while some people are praising the strict attitude of the bank management.

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Already accused of theft

According to the LinkedIn profile of Paras Shah, he joined Citibank Group in the year 2017. Shah earned an Honors degree in Economics from the University of Bath in 2010. He then joined the Fixed Income Trading department of HSBC. After this he joined Citibank Group. According to the information, this is not the first case against Paras Shah. He has been accused of theft in the past as well.

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The company fired him for taking a lunch break.

Earlier, an American company fired an employee just for taking a lunch break. According to the information, a woman named Tracy Sherwood had gone out with her colleagues on lunch break, the news of which came to the notice of their Managing Director Maxine Jones. After this he was fired from the company. At that time Tracy was promoted. She was handling the responsibility of the Head of Compliance of the company.

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This incident is of the year 2018. The Managing Director said that such a move by Tracy is a sign of dishonesty towards the company. After being fired from the company, Tracy filed a case against the owner and the decision came in favor of Tracy. Due to the permissive dismissal of Tracy, he has also received a compensation of Rs 12 lakh.

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