Listen To Another Cover Song of Hamjagma Reang “O Sathi” Released On YouTube

Hamjagma Reang
Written by Altaf Shaikh

She is back with another melodious song called “O Sathi” from the Bollywood movie Baghi 2. And this time with her brand new look and style. No doubt she has a super heart-chilling voice. and any songs that she covers is undeniable to listen.

She is one of those lucky You-tubers, who are born talented and knows how to keep fans happy.

Till now she had released 3 videos on Youtube, and all of the videos performed well. Its almost 6 months till date and she has 46k Subscribers already, she has been viral for a while on social media and Youtube which made this. 

“O Sathi” is one of the latest trending Bollywood songs from the movie “Baghi 2” originally sung by Atif Aslam.

Watch “O Sathi” Covered By Hamjakma Reang

The cover song was recorded in Pillow record studio located in Agartala.

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