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Lionel Messi: On the question related to his future, Messi said – I am Barcelona…

Lionel Messi
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Football player Lionel Messi, who made Argentina the world champion under his captaincy, is once again in the headlines. Messi has said that he would like to stay in Barcelona after his retirement. Messi, who started his club football career with Barcelona, ​​is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain. Messi, one of the best football players in the world currently, has made it clear that he will stay at Barcelona after his football career ends.

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In an interview with Dario Ole, Messi said, “When I finish my career, I will come back to live in Barcelona, ​​it is my home.”

Under Messi’s captaincy, Argentina defeated France to win the FIFA World Cup 2022. Messi was also given the Golden Ball Award for his brilliant performance in this tournament. When asked about the things related to the final match that he had kept with him, he said that he had kept everything with him.

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Messi said “I’ve kept everything from the final. The shoes, the T-shirt… everything is with the Argentine Football Association and now in March, I’m taking everything to Barcelona, ​​where I have my things and my There are memories.”

Will Messi play the 2026 World Cup?

In the interview, Messi also talked about his ambitions with the international team. The 2026 World Cup is still far away, however, Messi is yet to clarify whether he will play in the tournament as he wants to see how his career progresses from here.

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He said “Because of age, it will be difficult to play until 2026. I love playing football and when I feel I’m in good shape and enjoying it, I’m going to keep at it. It looks like a long time.” Till then I can play, but the next World Cup depends on how my career goes.”



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