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Ligue 1: PSG won by Mbappe’s two goals, on the threshold of the title; Auxerre…

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Defending champions Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) stand just one point away from winning a record 11th French league title. It maintained its six-point lead over second-placed Lens after beating Auxerre 2-1 on Sunday night. In this victory of PSG, both goals were scored by star footballer Kilian Embappé. Only two rounds of matches are left in League-1. PSG only have to hold Strasbourg to an equalizer this week. PSG will overtake 10-time champions Saint-Etienne if they win their 11th title.

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Embappe again became the top scorer with 28 goals

In the first eight minutes of the game, PSG took a 2-0 lead thanks to two goals by Mbappe. Lionel Messi played a role in both the goals. With these two goals, Embappé has once again become the league’s top goal scorer. He has scored 28 goals. He has surpassed Lens striker Alexandre Locazette who scored 26 goals.

PSG’s weak defense again became a problem

Despite the two-goal lead, PSG’s defense once again proved to be a headache for them. Minutes before the end of the first half, Ryan Rawlson’s shot hit the crossbar, which was saved by goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnerma with lightning speed. Auxerre reduced the lead in the 51st minute. Lesin Sinaiko scored a goal to make the score 1-2. In the 75th minute, Donnerma made a beautiful save from Hannes’ shot.

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Apartheid attack on Vinicius, Mbappe came out in support

In the match played between Real Madrid and Valencia in La Liga, Real Cabrezilian striker Vinicius Junior once again became a victim of apartheid. According to Real coach Carlo Ansoletti, Vinicius was called a monkey by a spectator sitting behind the goal during the match. He was in favor of calling his footballer off the field. During this the match had to be stopped in the middle. Later he was also called out of the field. Real lost the match 0–1. Apartheid comments are continuously happening in Spain on Vinicius. Mbappé supported Vinicius on social media and wrote that you are not alone, we are with you and stand by you.

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