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Leo Virgo Capricorn And Pisces Special Coincidence In From August 21 Luck…

Astrology: According to astrology, when a planet transits in its own zodiac, it is considered fruitful like Raja Yoga. From August 21, 2022, a situation like ‘Rajyoga’ is going to be created in the four zodiac signs.

Result of Sun Transit in Leo (Sun Transit in Leo 2022)
On August 21, the Sun will remain in Leo. Sun is considered to be the lord of Leo zodiac. In astrology, the Sun has been described as the king of all the planets. When the Sun God comes in Leo, then there is a situation of profit for the people of Leo, during which the stalled work is completed. And fortune increases.

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The lord of Virgo is Mercury (Mercury Transit 2022 August)
The planet Mercury is said to be the lord of Virgo zodiac. Mercury will transit in your zodiac on 21st August. Transit of Mercury will bring auspicious results for Virgo people. Mercury’s zodiac change will prove to be good for you in terms of job, business and health.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (Shani Vakri 2022)
Shani Dev is seated in Capricorn. At this time, Saturn is transiting retrograde. According to astrology, Shani is said to be the lord of Capricorn. Shani is also said to be the giver of karma. The transit of Saturn will make you hardworking and will increase your income.

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Dev Guru Jupiter will progress in Pisces (Jupiter Transit 2022)
The transit of the planet Jupiter is going on in Pisces. At present, Guru is retrograde. When the Guru is in his own zodiac, he becomes a factor in increasing the knowledge of the person, along with it also increases the respect of the person.

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Sun Transit 2022: Luck will open for Leo people, luck will shine, ‘Rajyoga’ is going to be formed

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