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Left Handed People Health Disease And Lifestyle Facts

Left Handed People: People who write with left hand are different from people who write with right hand not only in the matter of writing but also in many other respects. About 12 percent of the world’s population does the work of writing with the opposite hand. However, this number is expected to increase. Talking about health, people who write with left hand are better in some cases than other people writing with right hand and they are also very sensitive to many diseases. For the time being, we are talking here about those diseases of left-handed people, in which they fall very quickly…

1. are often restless

People who write with left hand often feel more restless at night. These people should sleep soundly, this is rarely seen. The problem of sleepwalking is seen more in people writing with left hand. According to research, up to 94 percent of people who write with the left hand definitely have this problem at some point or the other.

2. More vulnerable to migraine

It is seen that people who write with left hand are more prone to migraine. It has been revealed in different studies that these people are more sensitive to migraine. Whereas people who write with the right hand are up to twice less susceptible to migraine than them.

3. Allergies in the Spring Season

It has been seen that most of the people who write with the left hand have some kind of allergy when the spring season arrives. They are 10 percent more sensitive than other people to any type of allergy. These people also have a higher risk of developing autoimmune diseases than other people.

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