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Laughing Gas Ban: Has become the second most popular drug for youth in the UK…

 Britain: Laughing gas has been banned in Britain. The UK government has decided to ban nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, because of anti-social habits. According to reports, laughing gas is the second most commonly used intoxicant in England after cannabis. There was a long discussion about banning it. 

According to local media reports, it was being used more among the youth of 16 to 24 years. According to reports, possessing laughing gas will now become an offense as part of a comprehensive crackdown on anti-social behaviour. 

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The government said that it is concerned about the increase in health and social harm to the youth. The way the youth started consuming nitrous oxide is extremely dangerous. During the decision, the government said that for the first time we are making possession of nitrous oxide a crime. Significantly, health problems were being seen in a large population due to this, that is why the UK Home Ministry was considering banning it for a long time.

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Please tell that due to the psychoactive effect of this gas, its supply is openly banned, but it is easily available due to some of its legitimate uses. But now it will be difficult to get nitrous oxide in Britain. Legal action will be taken if found consuming or possessing it.

What is laughing gas

Laughing attack occurs due to the effect of laughing gas ie nitrous oxide. But this gas is dangerous for health. It is used as anesthesia in hospitals and dental clinics. 

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How dangerous is this gas?

This gas can affect the memory of the person who smells it. This also causes neurological problems. Doctors have said that this will also affect the spinal cord. Patients ingesting nitrous oxide have to go to the hospital for many dangerous reasons. 

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