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Last Sawan Somvar 2022 Wishes: The fourth and last Monday of Sawan is on 8 August 2022. Sawan will end on 12th August. Every day in the month of Sawan is dedicated to Shiva Shambhu but Sawan Monday has special significance. Worshiping Mahadev and Mother Parvati by keeping a fast on Sawan Monday with a pure heart gives blessings of happiness, peace, prosperity and good life-sati in married life. May Bholenath fulfill everyone’s wishes on the last Monday of Sawan, send these congratulatory messages to loved ones, relatives and friends with these best wishes.

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There is a long queue in Baba’s court
The crowd of devotees is telling that today is the Sawan Monday of Mahadev.

Shiva with Maa Parvati came to your door
You get immense wealth
May Bholenath accept all wishes on Sawan Monday

Where is Sarah in whose shelter
Salute is at the feet of Shiva
Become the dust of Shiva’s feet
Let us offer flowers of reverence together on Sawan Monday

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fear of death
Those who take away everyone’s suffering, such is my Mahakal

I am a dead body without Shiva, Shiva resides in the dead body
Shiva is my deity and I am Shiva’s servant

remove all problems
hello except

Ram also his Ravana his
life his death also his
Tandav is there and meditation is that too
He is also the knowledge of the ignorant

amazing naive teri love
camped in amarnath
Your shadow in Neelkanth
you are in my heart

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