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Know The Benefits Of Eating Sattu Home Remedy And Treatment Of Diabetes Here…

Benefits of Sattu Drink: When it comes to Indian superfoods, you cannot forget Sattu. It is also known as roasted chickpea powder or flour which is used in India and Tibet. Sattu is a mixture of roasted lentils and grains. Sattu is an important ingredient of food in states like Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. It is a storehouse of protein. If you are troubled by the problem of weight gain, then sattu can help you. It has many health benefits due to its nutrients. Let us know about its health benefits in detail through the news.

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Health Benefits of Sattu

Sattu is a storehouse of nutrients. It provides relief in problems like heart disease and diabetes. Sattu contains protein in high quality. It is rich in minerals including calcium, manganese, iron and magnesium. By consuming it, the body gets instant energy. It helps in reducing the temperature of the body. Apart from this, sattu is an excellent source of fiber, which helps in digestion. The most important thing about Sattu is that it was eaten in ancient times to keep away health problems.

Sattu for weight loss and muscle building

Sattu is low in calories and high in fiber, which helps a lot in improving the body’s metabolism and reducing weight. Eating Sattu keeps the stomach very full due to which you are not able to eat much food. On the other hand, if you want to build muscles, you can take sattu in the form of milkshake or sattu drink plant-based protein.

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How to make Sattu?

To make sattu at home, roast gram in a pan and let it cool. After cooling, grind the roasted chickpeas finely with a grinder. Your sattu is ready. Now you can drink it after dissolving it in water.

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How to prepare Sattu drink?

material required

Sattu – 6 tbsp

Cold water – 1.5 liters

Lemon juice,

Salt – a pinch

Sugar/Jaggery – 4-6 tbsp

make drink like this

First of all pour cold water in different glasses. Put 2 tbsp jaggery, a pinch of salt in each glass. If you want to keep the taste a little spicy, then you can also add lemon juice to it. Shake the glass well after mixing the juice. Your drink is ready. Shake it well before drinking it.

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