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know the ayurvedic tips to stay healthy this summer-Summer Care Tips:Summer…

Summer is in full swing, with the mercury reaching 49 degrees in the capital. Seasonal diseases are very troublesome in this season. High heat affects immunity. The risk of seasonal infection is high in this season, so it is very important to pay attention to the diet in summer. As much as it is important for us to be aware of the foods that benefit our health, it is equally important to keep information about the food that harms our health.

To stay healthy in summer, Ayurveda specialist Dr Dixha Bhavsar has shared a post on Instagram. Experts have told which foods to avoid during summers to avoid sunstroke and problems like diarrhoea, low blood pressure, dehydration, headache and burning sensation. Let us know what things can be avoided in summer to keep the body healthy.

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Do not use copper utensils: Drinking water in a copper vessel is generally considered good for health. According to experts, avoid drinking water in a copper vessel during summer.

Drinking water kept in a copper vessel in summer can cause acidity, bloating and migraine problems. People who have this problem due to heat should avoid drinking water from copper vessels. In summer, you should consume water stored in earthen and silver utensils instead of copper.

Avoid Yogurt: According to experts, curd is naturally heated. During summers, our digestion is weak and curd is difficult to digest, so avoid curd. In summer, take buttermilk and lassi instead of curd.

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Avoid excessive exercise Exercising is very important to stay fit and healthy, but due to excess heat in summer, energy decreases, so more exercise can reduce your energy level even more. According to experts, excessive exercise can lead to dehydration, fatigue and hypotension (LOW BLOOD PRESSURE). Therefore excessive exercise should be avoided. Yoga and Pranayama are better options to cool the body in summer.

Avoid strong sunlight during the day: In summer, experts recommend taking morning sunlight before 8 am and evening sunlight after 5 pm. Being in the sun brings many benefits to the body. Being in the sun helps to produce vitamin D, the happy hormone.

Vitamin D improves our mood and sleep. It controls our circadian rhythm. Expert told that protect yourself from the sun in the afternoon. Sunstroke, dry skin, skin irritation, headache, dehydration and diarrhea can occur in strong sunlight.

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Avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages: Experts have written that refrain from consuming caffeine in summer. Caffeine produces more heat in the body, which leads to more inflammation. In summer, take herbal cooling tea instead of caffeine.

Carbonated drinks cause dehydration. Consuming them makes you feel more thirsty. The sugar present in them can increase weight as well as cause lethargy in the body. To keep the body cool in summer, bael sherbet, fennel syrup and coriander water are better options which will keep the body healthy and also protect against heat.

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