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know the 6 Major Side Effects Of Hot Water-Hot Water Side Effect: वजन कम करने के…

Life is incomplete without water. Consuming water keeps the body hydrated. It keeps skin and muscles healthy. 65 percent of our body is made up of water. Water flushes out harmful toxins from the body and boosts metabolism. Water helps the body’s cells absorb nutrients and fight infection. Drinking two liters of water every day benefits the body.

It is believed that by consuming hot water, weight control is done. People who are overweight, such people consume more hot water to lose weight. Consuming hot water keeps digestion healthy, as well as protects against cold-cough and viral. But you know that excessive consumption of hot water can also harm health. Neeraj Dwivedi Registered Pharmacist has told that drinking hot water has its benefits as well as harm to health. Let us know what are the side effects of drinking hot water.

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Insomnia can be a victim of: Consuming hot water can make you a victim of sleeplessness. Do not drink hot water before sleeping at night. Drinking hot water heats up the body, due to which the enzymes become more active, due to which there is no sleep.

Blood pressure may increase: Drinking too much hot water can increase your blood pressure. If you are a victim of BP, then consume less hot water. If you want to drink hot water, then keep in mind its temperature. Try to consume warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Hot water can increase the BP of patients suffering from high BP.

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Can damage the kidneys: Consuming hot water can also cause kidney problems. Drinking too much hot water increases the volume of blood, which increases the load on the kidneys. Kidney patients especially should not consume hot water.

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Asthma patients may have an increased risk of: Excess consumption of hot water can increase the problem of asthma patients. If you feel breathless, do not drink hot water or else your problem may increase.

Mouth ulcers can be caused by: Consuming hot water increases the problem of ulcers in the mouth. Consuming hot water makes the mucus layer lighter, which can cause ulcers.

Lips and tongue may burn: There is a fear of burning your lips and tongue due to excessive consumption of hot water. If you drink hot water, then drink lukewarm water.

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