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Know the 5 Ayurvedic best herbs to gain weight Without Side Effects-Weight Gain:…

Increasing weight troubles, to control which people control the diet and do workouts, yet the weight does not reduce. Increasing weight is as big a problem for people, for some people, not gaining weight is as big a problem. Some people keep on eating the whole day to gain weight so that their weight increases but still their weight does not increase. People who do not gain weight, their personality looks ugly and people make fun of them. They start cutting off from people and feel lonely.

Due to the loss of weight, the immunity of people becomes weak and they complain of weakness. The reason for not gaining weight is not just slowing down of metabolism, there are many reasons behind it like genetics, nutrition and behavior, due to which weight does not increase. Weight gain or not also depends on the individual routine of each person.

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If you are also troubled by not gaining weight and feel embarrassed all the time, then adopt Ayurvedic remedies to gain weight. There is no side effect of any kind on the body due to weight gain in ayurvedic way. Let us know which ayurvedic herbs are effective for weight gain.

Eat kirat to gain weight: Kirat is such a herb which is a bit bitter to eat but its body has many benefits. By consuming it, the weight increases rapidly. Digestion remains good after eating it and hunger is felt more. Kirat is one of the best herbs for weight gain. Kirat is used for secretion of enzymes of the small intestine, gastric secretion and problems of bile.

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Chamomile: Using chamomile and its extracts for weight gain is extremely useful. You can increase your weight fast by drinking chamomile tea. Consuming it increases appetite and keeps digestion fine.

Ginger:By consuming ginger, immunity remains strong and weight also increases. Ginger is rich in medicinal properties and improves digestion. You can consume ginger in tea or with food. Blood circulation also increases by eating ginger. Consuming it causes hunger. It relieves indigestion, flatulence and nausea. By including it in the diet, you can increase your weight. Taking dry ginger mixed with jaggery provides relief from problems like cold and stomach ache.

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Gain Weight by Consuming Ashwagandha: Taking Ashwagandha with a cup of milk in a day at least 20 minutes before or after breakfast helps in weight gain.

Chyawanprash: Eating Chyawanprash every day gives energy to the body and improves metabolism. Chyawanprash contains a mixture of many herbs. Consuming it with milk gives energy to the body and increases weight.

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