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know the 4 best home remedies to cure ringworm itching-Skin Care: Skin…

Skin problems often start bothering during the rainy season. Ringworm and itching on the skin is very much in this season. Scratching the skin again and again causes the skin to turn red. Sometimes blood starts coming out of the skin. This skin problem is a type of fungal infection that can occur anywhere in the head, feet, neck and internal parts of the body. Ringworm is red in color which is clearly visible on the skin.

Ringworm is a contagious disease in which round and red rashes appear on the skin. Those who give relief on scratching. Many times skin irritation also starts on scratching on this rash. It is an infectious disease that can be easily transmitted to someone else. There are many types of treatment available to get rid of this problem, but some home remedies can also get rid of this disease easily. Let us know which home remedies are effective to get rid of ringworm and itching.

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Apply Coconut Oil: If the skin rash and itching are bothering you in the rainy season, then massage it with coconut oil. Applying a mixture of lemon grass with coconut oil on ringworm will soon get rid of this skin problem. Coconut oil is the best medicine to get rid of skin problems.

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Treat ringworm with garlic: Garlic rich in medicinal properties proves to be effective in getting rid of skin problems. Garlic contains a natural anti-fungal agent called Ajoina, which relieves the problem of ringworm. Cut the garlic into slices and place it on the ringworm and tie a bandage on it, you will get relief soon.

Apply turmeric paste: Turmeric is the best remedy for skin problems. Take a piece of turmeric rich in antibiotic properties and mix it with water and make a paste and apply this paste on the ringworm. Applying turmeric paste on the skin for one to two days will get relief from ringworm and itching of the skin.

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Treat ringworm with aloe vera: Aloe vera gel acts as a medicine on the skin. Aloe vera gel rich in medicinal properties helps to get rid of fungal infections on the skin. Skin rashes are removed by applying it.

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