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know the 3 Homemade best natural face scrub for oil control-Skin Care Tips:…

Sweating is a natural process during the summer. Sweating occurs due to the release of fluids from the sweat glands of the body. Sweating in summer can cause many problems. Many skin related problems like prickly heat, red rashes, itching, boils and pimples bother people more this season. People with oily skin have to face more problems in this season.

Due to excessive release of oil on oily skin, the skin pores start clogging and the problem of blackheads and pimples also starts to arise on the face. In this season it is necessary to clean the skin and control the extra oil coming out of the skin. For skin care in summer, it is very important to use scrub on the skin.

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Scrub acts like a cleanser on the skin. It cleans the skin from deep within and also removes dead cells from the skin. Scrubbing on the face makes the skin glowing and soft. You can use a natural homemade scrub for scrubbing. Let us know about some natural scrubs that will help in taking care of your skin in summer.

Almond, Lemon and Milk Scrub: For cleaning the skin in summer, you can prepare a scrub by mixing almonds, lemon, milk and curd. To make this scrub, you grind almonds. In a bowl, mix two spoons of lemon juice, one spoon of curd, ground almonds and one spoon of milk. Mix everything well and use the prepared scrub on the skin. This scrub will clean the skin deeply, as well as bring glow to the skin.

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Multani Mitti Scrub: Multani mitti keeps the skin cool in summer and also controls sweating. By using it as a scrub, many skin problems get rid of, as well as the skin looks clean and beautiful. To make this pack, mix equal amounts of multani mitti, rose water, sandalwood, cucumber and aloe vera in a bowl and mix it well. Apply the prepared paste on the face, sweating will be controlled in the heat, as well as the skin will also improve.

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Egg Scrub: Egg pack is best for oily skin in summer. To make this scrub, mix oats in egg white and apply. Egg whites and oatmeal both control facial oil in summer. Apply this scrub on the face and when it dries, wet it with water and massage the skin with light hands in a circular motion and wash it with water.

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