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know 5 Worst foods for your liver-Liver cure: लिवर को फिट और हेल्दी रखना चाहते…

Liver is the power house of our body which removes the toxic substances present in the blood. The liver separates all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. in our body, and transports them to different organs according to the need of the body. This vital part of the body performs more than 500 functions.

Taking care of liver health is very important for good health. It is very effective to consume some foods to keep the liver healthy, but there are some foods that also harm the health of the liver. Make a distance from these foods that harm the liver today, otherwise there can be many problems in the body. Let us know which are the foods that harm the liver.

Make distance from ice cream: Consuming ice cream can harm your liver health. Actually liver should be avoided from any such sweets which have high amount of sugar. Ice cream contains 92% of the DV in 1/2 cup. For good liver health, reduce the consumption of ice cream.

Avoid red meat: Red meat is high in saturated fat which can harm liver health, so avoid red meat.

Liquor: Alcohol harms the health of the liver. By consuming it the liver starts becoming fatty. If you want to avoid liver problems, then abstain from alcohol.

Avoid these foods as well: To keep the liver healthy, avoid consuming too much salt, sugar, white bread and junk food. These foods can spoil the health of the liver. By eating too much salt, water starts accumulating in the liver and can cause swelling.

Avoid canned food: If you want to keep the liver healthy, then avoid canned food. Canned food is not fresh, due to which the nutrients in it get destroyed. Carbs are high in these packed foods, due to which it is difficult to digest them.

Soft drinks can spoil liver health: Too much sugar present in soft drinks and artificial sweeteners like saccharin damages the liver. If you want the liver to be healthy, then reduce the use of soft drinks.

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