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Kitchen Hacks Perfect Rotis Not Made Even After A Lot Of Effort Learn Here…

Kitchen Hacks: Every food plate seems incomplete without roti or chapati. Roti is enjoyed with dal or curry. Though it looks simple, kneading the perfect dough and rolling out round rotis is definitely an art. If the rotis do not rise and become soft even after kneading the dough, it means that you are not kneading the dough properly. If you also face this problem regularly, then to know easy tips, today we will tell you some easy tips which will help you to make soft rotis at home.

use hot water

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Always use lukewarm water to make soft rotis. This will not make the rotis hard and the taste of your food will also double.

knead the dough well

Don’t be in a hurry while kneading the dough. Always give yourself time to knead the dough and make sure it looks even on all sides. This will also help in getting soft rotis.

knead soft dough

While kneading the dough for rotis, keep in mind that the dough should not be too hard or hard. The dough should be soft enough to make a ball and be easy on the rolling pin. If you have to exert extra effort while rolling the rotis, then your dough is not right.

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leave the dough for 20 minutes

After kneading the dough, cover it with a wet muslin cloth and let it rest for at least 20 minutes so that soft rotis can be rolled out.

knead for one more minute

Just before rolling out the rotis, make sure you knead the dough again for at least 1 minute so that the grain particles get activated and your rotis become soft, which you can break with just three fingers. If you follow these easy tips, then the roti will remain soft and soft.

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