Kitchen Design Errors and Ways to Fix Them

Kitchen Design Errors and Ways to Fix Them
Written by Purva Jagtap

Every home may not be perfect, but certain parts can profoundly impact the daily lives of people. Since the kitchen is one of the most functional spaces, you can consider it once. If you have lived in different homes, you must have noticed that some kitchens were more accessible than others. And it doesn’t have to be about aesthetics. While beautiful interiors are critical, you would want a kitchen that allows you to perform all your duties hassle-free and smoothly. But if you don’t feel comfortable working in your kitchen, it means there is something wrong with its design. 

Don’t panic about this, as many kitchens suffer from a few design errors. These can look grievous as they steal your mental peace. But you can fix them. Of course, it would involve your time, money, and efforts. So here is a quick look into them.

Work triangle

One of the most functional kitchen signs can be the location of the three crucial elements, such as fridge, hob, and sink. A trendy farmhouse kitchen basin can add visual appeal. However, when it comes to the ease of using a kitchen space, you cannot look at a fixture in isolation. A well-designed kitchen will have its three most dependable features close to each other at an equal distance forming a triangle-like format. Such planning makes this space convenient. You don’t have to waste your energy and time walking around the corners. 

To fix this issue, you will have to change the location of the hob and fridge because you cannot move the sink due to the plumbing line. Also, changing the site of a built-in hob can be impossible. Don’t worry if you cannot create a perfect triangle with them. Just try to get them close to one another as much as possible. When you do renovation, you can get things rectified permanently. 

A carousel unit

A carousel unit



Even after extensive planning, some kitchen cabinets can have dead spaces or inaccessible corners. These are usually a waste if you don’t find out a proper solution to make them purposeful. Fortunately, you can fix this with a simple carousel unit. The kitchen accessory comes in handy in making your complex storage space accessible and usable. 

Wall cabinets

Do you have to go on your toes to pull out anything from your upper cabinets? Initially, you may not mind the position when the kitchen is still new. You can be in that happy and fresh zone. But after some time, it can become a reason to complain about physical discomfort and more. To get rid of this, you can build easily accessible wall cabinets. If you are short in height, you can entirely let go of the wall cabinet and install open shelves instead. Meanwhile, you can continue to use the upper storage spaces with the help of a two-step ladder.

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands

Although it is a valuable kitchen feature you cannot insist on this as some kitchen layouts may not support it. It can instead affect the functionality. For example, it can eat into space in a straight or parallel kitchen. However, open plans work for them. So, don’t insist on it if it is a closed room. The only exception can be the size, though. If your closed kitchen is large, you can go for it without any hesitation. However, if you already have this in the kitchen and facing difficulty, you cannot do much. 

That’s why you need to be careful from the beginning of the designing process. Install it only in a spacious cooking zone. In smaller kitchens, you can enjoy this highlight in its sleek and compact form, though. Plus, open layouts with L-shape or U-shape can also accommodate it.

Extra storage systems

Having an additional storage room doesn’t hurt. But if you don’t optimize your space, you would regret it later. Due to the lack of proper shelves and cabinets, you can end up crowding your countertop. It can become a pain to remove everything before starting your kitchen work every day. To solve this, you can use wall racks and glass shelves. These easy installations will increase the efficiency of your kitchen. Besides that, movable cabinets or racks can also come in handy.


Whether you stock up on groceries and dry food items or not, doing away with a pantry can be a mistake. Many homeowners don’t realize this and cancel it out of their plan. But nobody anticipates what emergencies can do. They can compel you to change certain habits. You may not need to store things today, but it doesn’t stand as a guarantee for the future. Even if you don’t make bulk purchases, you can use the space for something else. When the need occurs, you can start using it for the original purpose. 

Having a pantry is crucial to keep your grocery items all in one place for easy access. Do you worry about not having a small room for it? Designers say even a long unit equipped with a pull-out accessory can be helpful. It will have a price, but its utility, in the long run, can compensate.

A combination of lighting

A busy place like a kitchen cannot function properly with just one light – a tube light or recessed lighting. The other corners can face the issue of shadow. For a multi-tasking kitchen space, the lighting solution also has to be efficient. Install task lighting and ambient lighting around cabinets and countertops to enjoy the convenience. Plus, you can include statement lights over and around the breakfast nook. They can illuminate all the places well, making your job easy.

These are some common kitchen design errors and their solutions. So if you are facing any challenges with your cooking zone, you can analyze its features and rectify the easy ones. The larger upgrades would have to wait for a significant renovation. For example, you can consider creating the perfect triangle and others. Hence, prioritize your needs and implement the changes as you go on doing your daily chores. 

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