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King Charles III After The End Of Elizabeth Era From Passport To Currency…

Britain News King Charles-III: With the burial of the Queen of England at Windsor Castle, the era of Elizabeth II from Britain ended and with this the era of King Charles-III will begin. From the royal-government work of Britain to the lives of ordinary people, there are many places where the name of Queen Elizabeth is present.

Britain will have to replace them after the arrival of the new king. This process will be completed gradually. However, there is still time for the coronation of King Charles III. He has been declared King of Britain, so now the emblem of the Queen is being changed. Let us tell you what are the symbols that are to be changed with the new ruler.

change in passport

‘Her Majesty’ is written on UK passports. Although these passports will not become invalid, they will continue to be used, but on the front page of the newly issued passport, ‘His Majesty’ will be written because of the King.

change in national anthem

There will be a change in the national anthem of Britain. In which right now “God Save the Queen.” has been called. Now it will be called “God Save the King”. The rest of the words will remain the same, but wherever there is “God Save the Queen”, there will be a king.

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Change of name and clothing of guards

These Grenadier Guards of the Queen’s Company, formerly called the Queen’s Guard. From now on it will be called King’s Guard. These guards were in the service of the Queen of Britain for the last 70 years. There will also be a change in their clothes. The buttons on the uniform, which until now had the Queen’s royal emblem, will be replaced with the insignia of King Charles the Third.

UK currency will also change

The UK currency, the Pound Sterling, which currently has the Queen’s photo, will be replaced with the King’s photo. There are 4.7 billion banknotes with the Queen’s photo across the UK, worth £82 billion, or about Rs 7.45 lakh crore. Let us tell you that it will take at least two years to put King’s photo in all these notes. Queen Elizabeth was the first British Queen whose photo was featured on currency notes.

Coins will also be issued new

About 290 million coins bearing the picture of Queen Elizabeth are in use. Coins with pictures of many kings were in circulation until 1971, but after that the coins were updated with the picture of Queen Elizabeth. It is not yet known how the coin with the picture of King Charles will look like, but one thing is certain that usually when the picture of the coins is changed, the king or queen’s face is turned from the previous picture to the other side. About Rs 4,787 crore is estimated to be spent in the process of exchange of coins.

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change in postage stamp

So far, copies of about 220 billion stamps containing the Queen’s photo have been printed. With the beginning of the king’s reign, the stamp will now bear the photo of King Charles. Along with this, post boxes across Britain will also be changed because there is a Crown Signature of Queen Elizabeth on 1 lakh 15 thousand post boxes, on which EIIR is written. E means Elizabeth and R means Regina or Queen. All post boxes except Scotland will bear the mark of King Charles.

Raja’s picture will be installed in police and government buildings

On the helmet plate of the Police of England and Wales, there is a picture of the Queen of Britain, on which the picture of the king will be placed. Apart from this, in other places where there was a picture of the queen, such as government buildings and other places, there would be a picture of the king.

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And what will change?

  • The Monarch appoints a council of lawyers called the Queen’s Council, which will henceforth be called the King’s Council.
  • Many titles i.e. titles of the royal family will also be changed.
  • King Charles’ wife Camilla Parker will now be called the Queen Consort.
  • There will be a change in the oath of the MPs of Britain, they will take the oath in the name of the king instead of the queen.
  • Hundreds of brands of food and condiment in the UK have emblems associated with the queen or monarchy, which will have to be changed. Famous brands like Heinz and Burberry are one of these

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