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You may be Ignoring These Kidney Stone Symptoms Unknowingly

Kidney Stone Symptom
Written by Altaf Shaikh

Know the kidney stone symptoms before it’s too late and live a healthy life. As they say, prevention is better than cure, with the knowledge and proper routine we the human being can easily prevent these types of diseases.
The kidney stone can be fatal or lead to kidney operation if left untreated, and most of the time victims have to suffer the pain due to these little ignorances and faulty lifestyle. So I have decided to put forward some of the reasons and the symptoms that lead to a kidney stone and aware the people around me.

Causes of Kidney stones

A kidney stone can happen with anyone, and it is most prominent in the rural areas as well as in urban areas where the scarcity of water is more. Well, water is not only the reason for kidney stone there are also many reasons including the environmental pollution and lifestyle you choose. Dehydration increases the chances of kidney stone.
As the uses of chemical fertilizers in the fields increased, now day’s the vegetables that we eat are contaminated with harmful chemicals like Ammonium, calcium oxalate, Nitrogen, Potash and much more. Excessive consumption of the chemical substances is also another factor which leads to a kidney stone. In some cases, genetics may be the another factor for the kidney stone.

Kidney Stone Symptom
What is a kidney stone?

A number of Substances like calcium oxalate uric acid, phosphate, and many other crystal-forming substances. When, increases in volume rather than the urine volume, stones started to form slowly inside kidney’s which is called as kidney stones. There are several types of kidney stone according to the constituted of a formation.

Common Kidney Stone Symptoms:

No one can tell, one is having a kidney stone until the stone inside started to move, means symptoms is only prominent when the stone move around inside kidneys. this is the reason why we should stay alerted before it happens and prevent it. Below are Some of the kidney stone symptoms that will help you to identify,
• Pain may persist below the ribs, back, and the sides.
• Sometimes you might experience severe pain in the stomach while walking or running.
• The pain slowly spread in the down areas below the abdomen. including groins.
• Inflammation or pain causes while urination.
• Vomiting
• Number of urination increases than usual
• The amount of urination became low.

Effective Habits to Prevent Kidney Stone Before it’s too Late:

Human beings are all bound to habits, bad habits lead to bad health and good habits leads to good health. Build some of the mentioned good habits and try to maintain it, as much as possible and keep yourself safe.
1. Drinking water is a very good habit, try to drink at list 2.5 liters of water throughout the day so that the body can excrete unwanted chemicals from the body and keep the blood clean and flowing.
2. Don’t eat uncooked salts; try to consume salts in a low proportion.
3. Try to avoid oxalate-rich foods. Therefore, nuts, spinach etc.
4. Exercise every day at the list for 30 min per day.
5. Stop drinking soft drinks.
6. Stop smoking.
7. Eat more fruits and vegetables rather than eating animal flesh.

8. Stop consuming alcohol.


If you build the stated habits in you, the chances of kidney stone become low in fact you are not only preventing the kidney stone, you are shielding many of the harmful diseases attacking in your body. And if you ever experience any of the kidney stone symptoms that I have given above do not ignore it, just consult a doctor immediately.

I personally insist you drink lots of water and keep your urination tracks clean. Lastly, I hope this article able to help you somehow. Thank you for reading. Do comment below how do you like it or not.

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