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Keep These Things In Mind While Giving Bath To Your New Born Baby See The…

Baby Care: The winter season is challenging in itself, but if someone has become a parent for the first time, then their difficulties increase further. In fact, in the winter season, special care has to be taken from the food and drink of the newborn to bathing it. A little carelessness can increase the difficulties of the newborn child. You must have often seen in the family that grandparents or other elders bathe the new born child instead of the parents. This is because they have experience with it and they know how to take care of the child.

Before bathing the baby in cold, it is important to take care of some things. Some parents take special care of cleanliness and in this affair they also like to bathe their baby daily. But, frequent bathing of the newborn can lead to cold, allergy etc. Know what things should be kept in mind while bathing the baby in cold weather.

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see the temperature of the water

Before bathing the child, check the temperature of the water once. It should not happen that the water is too hot or cold. Too hot water can harm the baby’s skin. Even if the water is too cold, the child may get hurt. According to experts, it is best to bathe the newborn in lukewarm water.

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arrange for heat

If the weather outside is extremely cold, make arrangements to warm the baby after bathing. If the sun has come out during the day, then it is best to bathe the baby.

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avoid chemical

Because children’s skin is sensitive, hot water damages the skin in winter and due to this, children’s skin becomes dry. In such a situation, you can mix coconut or mustard oil in the water while bathing the child.

this is the right way

If you are bathing the children in the bathroom and it is very cold there, then use a heater. Use a bath tub to bathe the baby. Fill lukewarm water in it. After this, keep the child in the tub and start bathing with the feet. Immediately after bathing, wrap the child with a towel and wipe his body thoroughly. Do not forget to moisturize the baby’s skin after bathing. For this you can consult your doctor.

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Is it right to bathe everyday?

According to the doctors, bathing of newborns daily in winter should be avoided. In winter, bathe your children only 2 to 3 times a week. If you like cleanliness more, then you can clean the child by sponging. These days baby wipes or soft cotton are also available in the market for this.

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