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Kalpana Chawla: The last of Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian woman to go to space…

Kalpana Chawla Death Anniversary 2023: The women of the world are hoisting the flag of their skills and abilities from earth to sky. Talking about Indian women, from politics to industrial sector, from art sector to sports world, they are playing a strong role in every field. At present, the role of some strong women of history was important in inspiring women to move forward. Today we are preparing to live on Moon and Mars. But a woman of Indian origin is also included in those who dream of living in space. The name of this woman is Kalpana Chawla. Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian-origin woman to travel to space. This achievement of hers did not just inspire women, but became a pride for India and a historic moment for the world. February 1 is the death anniversary of Kalpana Chawla. Kalpana Chawla died in 2003 when the Columbia Space Shuttle crashed during flight, killing all the astronauts on board. In the next slides, know about the life and achievements of Kalpana Chawla, who inspires women to dream and fulfill them.

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How educated was Kalpana Chawla?

Kalpana Chawla’s favorite subject since childhood was science. She wanted to become a flight engineer. To fulfill this goal, Kalpana enrolled in Punjab Engineering College and obtained a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. During this he also got job offers. But she went to America at the age of just 20 for further studies.

Kalpana Chawla’s dreams come true in America

Kalpana enrolled at the University of Texas in the US and after two years of studies obtained a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. He obtained a second Masters degree in the year 1986. Later in 1988 he did PhD in Aerospace Engineering. By now Kalpana had decided that she had to go to space. She now also had a commercial pilot’s license and Kalpana had become a certified flight instructor. During this time she married Jean Pierre of France, who was himself a flying instructor.

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NASA had rejected Kalpana

In the year 1993, Kalpana Chawla applied for NASA for the first time but she was rejected. In 1995, NASA selected Kalpana as an astronaut. Her training began and in 1998, Kalpana Chawla was selected for the first flight to space. During her space journey, Kalpana Chawla spent 372 hours and registered her name in history and raised the prestige of India.



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