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Kajari Teej 2022 Nail Art Tips For This Teej

Nail Art Tips For Teej: Nail arts have become a big trend in the recent times. And its craze is increasing among women of all ages. Every girl has a mind that her nails look better than other girls. In festivals, especially among women, the hobby of getting nail designs is increasing. Teej is one such festival among them. On the festival women dress up so that they look prettier than other women. If you get your nails designed in the process of looking beautiful (Nail Art Design), then it will add to your beauty.

Today, through this article, we will tell you how you can design nails for Teej so that your personality also shines and you look beautiful too.

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You can make your nails beautiful by using these nail designs

  • polka dots design
  • bow nail design
  • french nail art
  • fresh design
  • tri color clef design

How to choose the right design?

  • To choose the right design, first decide what you are going to wear. If there is a traditional look, then choose a nail art with a traditional look. There will be different nail art according to the fusion wear.
  • The color of the clothes will also matter a lot in this. The nail art should match the color of the clothes you are wearing or it should be a contrast combination.
  • It is also very important to have the jewelery fixed. If your jewelery is with beads, then the nail art will also be accordingly.
  • If you have more heavy sarees and jewellery, then it would be better to keep the nail art normal. If the saree and jewelery is normal then you can get heavy work done on the nails.
  • Choose nail art based on the size of the fingers and the ornaments worn in it. It would be better to decide the design of nail art according to long nails, wide nails.
  • If you are going to get mehndi done, then definitely give this information to the nail artist so that he can do nail art accordingly.
  • Don’t forget your comfort too. Because after getting nail art, you have to be very careful. Choose nail art according to your comfort.

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