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Junk Food Side Effects On Health

Junk Foods : In modern times, almost every person keeps looking for an excuse to eat outside instead of eating at home. Especially the craze of eating junk foods or fast foods has increased a lot these days. From children to the elderly, it is very much like to eat things like pizza, patties, cookies, chowmein and momos. But did you know that these delicious things can be heavy for your health. Therefore, it can be better for our health to keep distance from these things. Let us know about this in detail-

Why are fast foods harmful?

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The amount of calories, salt and sugar in fast foods or junk foods is very high. At the same time, the amount of nutrients in them is very less. Not only this, trans fat is very high in fast foods, which is not considered healthy for our health. Excess amounts of salt, sugar and fat put pressure on the cardiovascular system. Due to this there is a possibility of many diseases like cholera, typhoid and jaundice.

Which diseases are at risk

It has been seen in research that by consuming high amounts of fast foods, trans fat starts increasing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. At the same time, it reduces the level of good cholesterol. Due to this there is a risk of diseases like type-2 diabetes, heart disease. Not only this, excessive amount of salt in the body causes high blood pressure. Apart from this, problems like weight gain can also occur.

affects the brain

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Eating fast foods or junk foods quells our hunger for some time, but eating junk foods for a long time has a bad effect on your brain. By eating junk foods or fast foods in excess, a person can become a victim of depression. The ingredients present in fast food have a bad effect on fertility. It has been seen in research that consuming excessive amounts of processed food has a bad effect on hormone functioning in the body.

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