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Janmashtami 2022: Krishna Janmashtami Fast During Pregnancy Tips For…

Janmashtami Fast During Pregnancy: During pregnancy, there are many festivals that women do not want to ignore. She wishes that she should enjoy every festival in the same way as she was able to do pregnancy earlier. Let us tell you that pregnant women have to take care of many important things during pregnancy so that they do not have any health issue for them or their children. Therefore, today we will tell you about the health tips to be kept by pregnant women on Janmashtami Fast During Pregnancy.

don’t stay hungry all day
Pregnant women who are observing Janmashtami fast, especially take care that the child growing inside you should not be kept hungry. It is completely up to you. Therefore, every two hours, you keep on eating something or the other. Like coconut water, milk, buttermilk, juice and water etc. This will keep the body getting nutrients.

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Keep these things in mind while breaking the fast
Whenever pregnant women break the fast, they eat slowly and break the fast. This will not cause any problem to you or the child growing inside you.

keep yourself hydrated
Keep yourself fully hydrated during the fast. Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If possible, do not consume too much tea or coffee during fasting, then it will be good for both you and the child. With this there will also be no problem of dehydration.

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eat fruit
Pregnant women should consume fruits two to three times a day to maintain the energy level. It would be better if you consume seasonal fruits.

feel the baby move
Be sure to pay attention to the movement of the child during the fast. If you are facing any problem then definitely visit the doctor once.

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Take doctor’s advice before fasting
Pregnant women must consult a doctor once before fasting. If they suggest then only then you should think of fasting.

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