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Tourists broke the record in Jammu and Kashmir so far, know the figures here

Hospice. Tourists visiting Jammu and Kashmir have broken records. Many times more tourists are reaching here than pre Kovid. According to the state tourism department, this figure of tourists arriving here has reached for the first time. It is clear from this that tourists have full faith in the security system here, due to which such a large number of tourists have arrived in the last eight months.

In the national conference of tourism ministers of the states held in Dharamsala, special secretary of Jammu and Kashmir tourism Amarjit Singh said that from January-2022 to August-2022, the number of tourists visiting Jammu and Kashmir has been 1.42 crore. It also includes 11,000 foreign tourists.
This number of tourists is the largest ever. On the call of the Government of India, Jammu and Kashmir is developing 75 such tourist places, which were previously unknown places.

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He told that Jammu and Kashmir is promoting its state through films. In this, not only Hindi films but also all regional languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi have opened the way. To attract filmmakers, the state government has also announced a subsidy. If a filmmaker shoots more than 50 percent of his film in Jammu and Kashmir, he will be given 50 percent subsidy, and if he makes his second film in Jammu and Kashmir, he will get 75 percent subsidy.

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Peace and order in the state can be gauged from the fact that cinema houses have been opened in three border areas of the state including Pulwama, Poonch. The state government is paying a lot of attention to the safety of the tourists, for this a meeting is being held with the local people. At the same time, the government is developing home stays to increase tourism in the state. At present, around 10000 home stays have been registered in the state.

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