Jamm Session Band Releases Angle Kwchar Majaro With TASKI In An Attempt To Make It A Hit

Angle Kwchar Majaro
Written by Altaf Shaikh

After the long promotion of Angle Kwchar Majaro by Jamm Session Band finally releases their first Singles on 15th February at 12:05 AM, unfortunately, the song was supposed to be released on a very special Valentines Day 14th February. The reason for the delay is due to some internal network issues.

Jamm Session Band originating from city Agartala was formed in October 2017 releasing their first cover music video On YouTube “Rolling in the Deep” By Adele following few other songs.

The Song Angle Kwchar Majaro was originally composed many years earlier by Tytan Debbarma the lead guitarist of the Jamm Session Band. It has been performed several times on stage and Fans were eagerly waiting for the final release.

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The incredible vocalist Arpan Jamatia with his astonishing voice quality started to win the heart of many people. There’s no doubt that he will be rocking the whole world really soon.

Well, The Jamm Session Band has tried something new with the song Angle Kwchar Majaro with a little touch of EDM surrounded ambiance and well-balanced melodies in Kokborok song.

The song Angle kwchar majaro is a mixture of Rock and Dub-Step featured by TASKI, and it takes serious talent to be able to mix those two styles together.

There’s no doubt that they have raised the bar of the music sense in Kokborok songs. And we can assume that finally, something good is coming near future.

Watch Angle Kwchar Majaro By Jamm Session Band

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