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Is Video Games Like Pubg Making Our Children Mentally Sick Or Turning…

PUBG Like Video Games Making Our Children Sick: While the communication revolution has opened 10 avenues for the mental development of our children, this revolution is also affecting the hearts and minds of our little ones. The trouble is that you cannot even remove children from these means of communication, because the Corona period has shown what the power of the Internet is. I opened the doors. The incident in Lucknow is a proof of how the means of entertainment like video games are affecting the mental state of children and bringing them into the category of addicts. Alam is that due to this addiction, children are not even afraid of committing terrible crimes. Before it is too late, we have to set a guide line for our children that they can stand in the category of psychopath or become a right person.

What is the recent case of PUBG indicating

A 17-year-old boy from Lucknow’s Yamunapuram Colony killed his mother with his father’s licensed revolver for not letting him play PUBG and kept the body in an air-conditioned room for three days. Not only this, he used room freshener to remove the smell. Threatened his 10-year-old sister not to tell this to anyone. To make everything look normal, two friends were invited to the party, told about the mother that she had gone to see the ailing grandmother. After doing all this, he also went out to play in the locality. Not only this, he showed the dead body by making a video call to the father and also told about the murder of the mother.

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It is natural that there will be anger in everyone’s mind about this boy, but did anyone notice to what extent this boy’s heart and mind had turned into a sick and criminal mind set that even after killing he was like a normal human being. Keep behaving. How did this child’s insensitivity become home to his personality, where did that childhood innocence get lost. This question is really serious. It is being told that this boy was addicted to video games. In such a situation, the question arises that to keep the children happy and their mental and emotional development, is it enough only to mobilize resources like all video games, mobiles. In this case, this boy lives alone only with his mother and sister. Father is an officer in the army and posted in another state. After this incident, there is also a need to think on which side this emotional and mental loneliness of adolescent children is pushing them. This is not the only case where PUBG has taken a dangerous step like killing in the madness. Even before this, in the year 2019, a 21-year-old youth in Belagavi district of Karnataka had beheaded his father for refusing to play PUBG.

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Violent video games cause risky behavior

health line According to a report, 90 percent of children play video games and 90 percent of these games involve some kind of violence. In this case, Susan Tortolero, director of Health Promotion and Prevention Research at the University of Texas, after studying violent video game play and depression, said that in general, we all know about violence – either as a victim of violence or Then as a witness to the violence. It is directly related to the problems related to the health of the mind. According to him, we have come to know through brain research that sometimes our brain is unable to differentiate between what is real and what we see on TV. In a study done on 5000 teenage children for four years, they found that depression was seen in children who played violent video games for more than two hours a day and it can lead to dangerous behavior.

What is the opinion of Clinical Psychologist

Regarding the increasing anger and risky behavior in children, Dr. Rushi, HOD, Department of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, says that although anger is also a healthy emotion, but when it increases to the limit, then it Cause trouble. Violent and destructive tendencies are also being seen in teenage children because many physical and hormonal changes take place in this age. At such times, they would have to be understood and prepared for these changes. When he himself is struggling with the changes coming in his body, it is the responsibility of the parents to understand and support him. For this it is necessary that the behavior of the children should be monitored. Any unusual behavior in adolescent children should not be ignored. It is also the responsibility of the parents to establish healthy communication with the children. Along with this, children should be taught about life skills from childhood. It is also necessary to have an atmosphere of love and care in the family. The relationship of parents with children should be open in such a way that the child can feel free to share any kind of problems and issues.

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