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Iron Rich Fruits Vegetable Foods For Anemia How To Increase Hemoglobin Level

Iron Rich Fruits Vegetable: From October, the weather starts to cool slightly. Vegetables available in winter have also started coming in the market. Green vegetables come the most in winter. In such a situation, you should increase the amount of vegetables in the diet. Iron-rich fruits and vegetables are also coming in abundance in this season. If your hemoglobin remains low and there is a lack of iron in the body, then definitely include these fruits and vegetables in the diet daily. This will complete the iron deficiency. Know which are the fruits and vegetables that remove iron deficiency.

Iron rich fruits and vegetables

1- Spinach- Green vegetables start coming as soon as winter comes. Green vegetables are rich in iron. Spinach in particular is a vegetable rich in iron. If there is a lack of iron in the body, then you must include spinach in the diet. This increases hemoglobin and provides plenty of iron. You can drink spinach by making vegetable, roti or soup. Apart from iron, spinach contains nutrients like calcium, sodium, mineral salts, chlorine, phosphorus and protein.

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2- Beet- Although you will get beetroot throughout the year, but in winter there is also beetroot season. Red colored beets are rich in iron. Beetroot is rich in antioxidants. Fiber, potassium, vitamin C, nitrates and folate are also found in good amounts in it. Eating beetroot increases hemoglobin.

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3- Broccoli- Broccoli must be eaten in winters. Broccoli of the green cauliflower species is rich in iron. Eating broccoli increases hemoglobin. Calcium, zinc, protein, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin C are also found in broccoli. Broccoli is rich in fiber. It also helps in weight loss.

4- Pomegranate- Pomegranate season also starts from October. Very red and juicy pomegranates are available in the market. Pomegranate is the best source of iron among fruits. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants. Eating pomegranate reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce inflammation.

5- Guava- Guavas also start coming in winter. You should eat one guava every day in season. Guava is rich in iron and vitamin C. Iron deficiency in the body can be fulfilled by eating guava.

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