Sunday, October 1, 2023

Irina Viner: Ban on Russian coach who criticized Olympic judges, for two years…

Irina Viner
– Photo: Social Media


Irina Viner, a top Russian gymnastics coach, has been banned for two years for criticizing judging decisions at the Olympics. His disciple has won many Olympic medals. The judges’ decision ended Russia’s run of consecutive medals in rhythmic gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics.

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The Gymnastics Code Foundation hears disciplinary matters. The foundation has ruled that Irina will not be able to coach or hold any position in international gymnastics for two years.

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At the Tokyo Olympics, Russian gymnasts won silver medals in the individual and team all-around events. Prior to this, Russian gymnasts had been winning gold medals in these events since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Irina said that the judges are anti-Russian and it is very insulting. He also had an argument with an officer.

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