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Irans Anti-Hijab Protests 83 Killed After 2 Weeks Of It Reported Human…

Anti-Hijab Protests In Iran: Revolution against hijab like Mahsa Amini has become another name in Iran. Iran has been boiling in the fire of protests since the death of Amini in police custody. The process of demonstrations continues continuously in this country. According to the report of a human rights group, 83 people have been killed in this Islamic country of West Asia in just two weeks.

In these circumstances, President Ibrahim Raisi has warned the people that no one in the country is allowed to take law in their hands and spread anarchy. Alam is that the Iranian government has started pressurizing the country’s famous personalities and journalists to rein in these protests. Here’s a look at the developments since the death of Mahsa Amini.

Many lives were lost in the protests

Mahsa Amini, 22, from the Iranian Kurdish city of Sakez, was arrested by Islamic police on September 13 while traveling in Tehran. She was accused of not wearing the hijab properly. He was taken to the hospital after his health deteriorated at the police station and died three days later on Friday, 16 September. His family members have accused the police of assaulting Mehsa. Since then, demonstrations are going on in many cities of this country.

Women have come out on strong protest. People are on the streets. Women are cutting their hair in protest. Hijab is burning. Protests continued in many cities on Thursday as well. Iranian media and social media, citing a human rights group, have said at least 83 people have been killed in nearly two weeks of demonstrations. Norway’s human rights group on Iran tweeted, “At least 83 people, including children, have been confirmed dead in the protests in Iran.”

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Continuing round of demonstrations

Despite the rising death toll and the fierce action of the authorities, the protesters are not stopping here. Videos posted on Twitter urged protesters to come forward to destroy clerical establishments in Tehran, Qom, Rasht, Sanandaz, Masjid-e-Sulaiman and other cities.

Significantly, after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in 1979, a law for women to dress in an Islamic way was brought. Since then, it has become necessary for women to cover the body with a sheet, head scarf or hijab. Iran’s state TV said police had arrested a large number of “rioters” without giving any figures.

target personalities

Iran put pressure on celebrities and journalists on Thursday (September 29) over the outrage that erupted in the Islamic republic after Amini’s death. Here filmmakers, athletes, musicians and actors have supported these demonstrations. According to ISNA, Tehran’s provincial governor Mohsen Mansouri said, “We will take action against those celebrities who are giving air to incite riots.”

On the other hand, the country’s judiciary chief Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei also made a similar allegation and said “those who became famous by supporting the system, they joined the enemies in difficult times.” The warning came after nearly two weeks of protests and a deadly crackdown across Iran.

journalists arrested

Iran arrested Elahe Mohammadi, a reporter who covered Amini’s funeral yesterday (September 29). The police have also arrested Nilofar Hamidi, a journalist of the reformist Shargh daily. These are the same journalists who had reached the hospital during Amini’s coma and brought this matter to the world. According to the Persian News Agency, the Guards said intelligence officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps arrested 50 members of an organized network behind the riots in the Pakistani Shia city of Qom.

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dictatorship will not work

The whole world is giving its strong support to Iranian women. The women in solidarity have planned rallies in 70 cities on Saturday, 1 October. One such protest took place in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Here the women held a rally with banners outside the Iranian embassy. The banners read, “A new sun has set in Iran, now it’s our turn! From Kabul to Iran, say no to dictatorship!”

According to AFP, forces of the ruling radical Islamist Taliban opened fire in the air to disperse the crowd and then quickly snatched and tore banners. Many people in Norway tried to break into the Iranian embassy in Oslo during an angry demonstration. According to the Norwegian police, two people received minor injuries during this. The public broadcaster NRK here said that the police have detained 95 people.

Human rights groups anger

London-based human rights group Amnesty International has strongly criticized the unlawful and brutally brutal violence against protesters from Iran’s security forces. It said that the security forces not only used live ammunition and metal pellets on the protesters but also inflicted heavy beatings and sexual violence against women. All this was done under the guise of internet and mobile being deliberately disrupted there.

Agnes Callamard, the group’s general secretary, said, “So far, dozens of people, including children, have been killed and hundreds have been injured. According to the Fars News Agency, about 60” people were killed while Iran was attacked by Norway (Norway). Norway), Oslo’s Human Rights Group has reported the deaths of more than 80 people.

Demand for sanctions on Iran

Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Thursday (29 September) that she wants the European Union to impose sanctions on Iran after Amini’s death. “She is doing everything she can to advance EU sanctions against beating women and shooting protesters in Iran in the name of religion,” Berbock said.

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External forces are accountable

Iran has expressed its displeasure over a statement by France in support of the protest on Thursday, 29 September. The government here said that no outside country has the right to interfere in our internal affairs. Earlier, he also expressed his displeasure with Britain and Norway. He has blamed outside forces for the protests in the country. Iran carried out missile and drone strikes across the border in Iraq’s Kurdistan area on Wednesday 28 September. In this 13 people died. Iran carried out this attack due to the accusation of Iraq’s armed groups of spreading unrest and inciting protests.

trying to solve the problem

Iran’s economy is already suffering the effects of sanctions over its controversial nuclear program. The Iranian government has tried to mitigate the crisis. Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that he told Western diplomats at recent United Nations meetings that the protests are not a big deal for the stability of the Islamic country. are. On Wednesday, September 28, he told National Public Radio in New York, “There is not going to be a change of power in Iran, don’t play with the feelings of the Iranian people.”

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