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Iran Schools Girls Attacked By Gas And Mysterious Poisonings, Over 100…

Chemical Attack On School Girls In Iran: There has been a deadly attack on school girls in the West Asian country of Iran. Here at least 10 schools in the capital Tehran and the northwestern city of Ardabil were targeted by suspected chemical-gas attacks. Due to this the health of hundreds of girl students deteriorated. More than 100 girl students have been admitted to the hospital.

Several video footages of Iranian schools have surfaced on social media. In which the screams of school girls can be seen. The news of girls being targeted is also on many news websites of Iran. Fars news agency quoted parents of several victims as saying that poisonous spray was sprayed on female students in a high school in Tehransar, a western area of ​​Iran’s capital Tehran, which worsened the condition of many female students.

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Hundreds of girl students lives in danger

Please tell that Iran is counted as a country with strict Islamic rules and regulations. Hijab protests have been going on here for the last few months. At the same time, incidents of attacks by fundamentalists opposing women’s rights have increased.

A lawmaker said on Wednesday that female students here were also attacked with a poisonous gas in November, following an outbreak of which nearly 1,200 female students had difficulty breathing and were hospitalised. Zahra Shekhi, spokeswoman for the Iranian parliament’s health committee, said about 800 of the 1,200 schoolgirls were from the city of Qom, south of Tehran, and 400 from the western city of Borujerd.

Report published on the website of the Iranian Parliament

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Reports of the suspected substance targeting girls also appeared on the website of the Iranian Parliament, which reported that health ministry tests in schools in the city of Qom found traces of nitrogen, which is mainly used in fertilisers. The repeated attacks have sparked a wave of anger in the country, with critics denouncing the authorities’ silence on the growing number of schools affected.

Attacks in many places in the capital Tehran

In the latest suspected attacks on Wednesday, 7 schools have been reported from Iran’s northwestern city of Ardabil and three from the capital Tehran. Tasnim News Agency said that 108 girl students were admitted to the hospital in the incident in Ardabil, however, the condition of all of them is said to be stable. Apart from this, there is also news of similar attacks in three schools of Tehran.

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Attempt to close girls schools

In the past three months, hundreds of such cases of assault on schoolgirls have been reported across Iran. Expressing fear, a government official said that this could be an attempt to shut down girls’ schools. Many social activists have compared those responsible for the attacks on the schools to the Taliban in Afghanistan and Boko Haram in the Sahel, who oppose girls’ education.

Many accused were taken into custody

According to reports, security forces detained three people in the first arrests since the suspected poisoning attacks on girls’ schools.

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