Friday, December 1, 2023

Iran Abolishes Morality Police After Months Long Protest

Iran Abolishes Morality Police: Finally, the fundamentalist government had to bow down in front of the people’s movement against the hijab in the Islamic country of Iran. In view of the ongoing demonstrations for the last 3 months, the government has dissolved all the units of ‘Morality Police’. Mahsa Amini was arrested by the Morality Police for not wearing the proper hijab, 22-year-old Mahsa died in police custody.

Violent demonstrations had started across the country in protest against Mehsa’s death in police custody. Women all over the country started burning the hijab. In support of Mahsa, women all over the world had registered their protest by cutting their braids. In the midst of violent demonstrations that have been going on for almost two months, the government of Iran came on the backfoot and dissolved the Morality Police.

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Attorney General confirmed the news

The news agency ISNA quoted Attorney General Mohamed Jafar Montajeri as saying on Saturday that the ethics police have nothing to do with the judiciary. It has been done away with. Please tell that the morality police was established by hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Its job was to enforce Sharia law.

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News Reels

Hijab law will also change?

The news agency AFP quoted Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montajeri as saying that Iran’s government has now decided to change the decades-old law related to the compulsory hijab. Both Parliament and Judiciary are working on this issue. Both will see if there is a need for any change in the law. At the same time ISNA news agency said that they did not clarify what amendments can be made to the law by both the bodies (parliament and judiciary).

Hijab was not compulsory before 1983

There was a time when women in Iran lived in an environment of openness like in western countries, but everything changed after the Islamic revolution in 1979. The Islamic Revolution overthrew the US-backed monarchy and Ayatollah Khomeini assumed the throne. Ayatollah first implemented Sharia law. Hijab became mandatory for all women in Iran in April 1983. Now it is mandatory for every woman above 9 years of age to wear hijab in the country. Tourists also have to follow this rule.

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