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Invest In This Way Then Your Money Will Be Double Understand What Is The…

Investment Planner in India : Nowadays people have to pay more attention to invest their money in the right place, because the cases of digital fraud have increased a lot. On the other hand, there is a lot of volatility going on in the stock market. Not all investors have the guts to invest money.

Investment Double
In such a situation, you have to wait a long time to double your investment with the guarantee of safety. In such a situation, the question will arise in your mind that after all, which is the investment option which can double the money quickly with safety.

NPS Tier-2
If you look at the safe investment options, then there are options like Fixed Deposit, PPF, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), National Savings Certificate (NSC) and National Pension Scheme (NPS) Tier-2. There is only 8,898 crore investment in Equity Mutual Fund in July, which is the lowest in 9 months. In such a situation, the importance of a safe option increases, where do you put your money, look at it from the point of view of an expert.

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Mutual Fund
Bankbazaar.com CEO Adil Shetty says that most investment options can double money. How long will it take for the money to double? Some mutual fund schemes have the potential to double in 4-5 years. There is no risk in government investment options, but if you want to double money quickly, then you have to take risk and invest in options related to the market.

what is the rule
In how many years will your money double? The Rule of 72 Formula is an easy way to find out. Under this, you divide 72 by the interest rate you are getting on your investment. If you have made a fixed deposit in a bank at an interest rate of 4% per annum, then it will take 18 years for it to double. For this, you have to divide 72 by 4, which will result in 18. Invest like this, this is the way of investment.

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Bank and FD
Most of the banks are increasing the interest rates of their FDs after increasing the repo rate of the Reserve Bank. At present, an average interest of 6 percent is being given on FD. In such a situation, it will take about 12 years for your money to double here.

Public Provident Fund (PPF) is also a better way to invest and it is currently getting interest at the rate of 7.1 percent per annum. So it will take 10.14 years to double your money.

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana: If you open a Sukanya account in the name of your daughter, your money will double in 9.4 years. At present, interest is being received at the rate of 7.6 per cent per annum in Sukanya Yojana.

KVP- That is, Kisan Vikas Patra is also a better government scheme for investment. It is currently getting a guaranteed interest rate of 6.9 per cent per annum. In such a situation, this option will double your money in 10.43 years.

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NPS- National Savings Certificate (NPS) is also a small savings scheme run by the government and is currently earning interest at the rate of 6.8 per cent per annum. In this case, your money will double in 10.58 years.

NPS Tier-2 This account of National Pension Scheme can be opened in the name of everyone. It can also be opened by professionals or professionals working in both private and government sectors. If we look at the record of the last few years, funds that invest more than 50 percent in equities have given returns of 10 to 12 percent to this account. If we look at returns of even 10 per cent per annum, your money will double in 7.2 years.

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