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International Women’s Day 2023: Special rights of women, every woman should have…

International Women’s Day 2023: International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8 March all over the world. Women are an integral part of the society, who are making unprecedented contribution in nation building. However, women do not get equal respect and rights as men. Many times women are pushed back by saying ‘she is a woman’. International Women’s Day is celebrated in all the countries of the world with the aim of equal rights for women, equal opportunities for progress and increasing the participation of women in every field. In order to strengthen the status of women and give a safe environment, some rights have been given to women in the Indian constitution. But women do not know about their rights. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, information is being given about some of the main women’s rights included in the Indian Constitution, which every woman should know about.

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right to maternity benefit

Women who are employed get the right to avail maternity related benefits and facilities. Under the Maternity Benefit Act, women can take 6 months leave after delivery and there will be no deduction in their salary during this period. Later he will also have the right to return to work.

Right to keep name and identity confidential

Women have got some rights even regarding women crime. In the case of sexual abuse in India, the victim has the right to keep the name and identity confidential. In order to maintain confidentiality in the case of sexual harassment, the woman alone has the right to record her statement in the presence of a woman police officer. Women can also register their complaint directly in front of the District Magistrate. Also, the police, media and officers do not have the right to reveal the identity of the woman.

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right to free legal aid

The Constitution of India gives the right to free legal aid to women who are victims of rape or sexual abuse. The aggrieved woman can seek help from the SHO in the police station and the SHO informs the legal authority to arrange for a lawyer.



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