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International Nurses Day 2023: Why do international nurses celebrate May 12…

International Nurses Day 2023: During the Corona period, when people all over the world were suffering due to the virus, the role of nurses along with doctors became very important. During the Kovid crisis, health workers became Corona Warriors and kept protecting us from this virus. Nurses along with the doctors served the people day and night. As important as a doctor is in the health of any patient, equally important is the role of a nurse. The nurse takes care of the sick. A doctor cannot stay with a patient for the whole day. The nurse monitors the patient’s condition. International Nurses Day is celebrated every year around the world to honor this service spirit of nurses and to appreciate their contribution. Let us know when and how the celebration of Nurses Day started? Learn here the theme, importance and history of International Nurses Day.

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Why celebrate Nurses Day only on 12th May

Actually, Nurses Day is dedicated to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. That’s why we celebrate this day on 12th May. Florence Nightingale was born on May 12. It was he who started the Nobel Nursing Service.

nurses day 2023 theme

International Council of Nurses celebrates International Nurses Day every year on a special theme. The theme of Nurses Day 2023 is ‘Our Nurses, Our Future’. It means, our nurses, our future.



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