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To rank high in SEO your content needs a link. Google will find pages and post only when your content are linked to somewhere on the web. Remember that the internal links connect your content. It also helps the google to get an idea of the structure of your website.

The internal links can help you to establish position on your website. It can enable you to give the most important posts and pages with more link value than other less valuable pages.

So this means that the right internal links strategy can lead you to generate more traffic to your site and boost your SEO.

Differences: External links vs. Internal links

Internal links

Each website consists of external and internal links. External link connect your pages and posts to other websites, while the internal link connects your pages and posts on your own website. Here in this post we will focus on the internal links and know what they really mean for SEO.

Why are links so important to Google?

typing at google search

To give a ranking to websites Google uses the given links to find out what the value of the content is and what the content on your site is related to, making it easy for the Google to put your site on the search list accordingly to your site status.

Relation between content

Google checks inside the website by following internal links and external links, using the help of bot known as Google bot. The google bot first enters at the homepage of a website, start rendering the Homepage in your site and follows the first links. Google determines what the relation is between certain posts, pages, and other contents. This way Google can find out topically related.

Internal links

For an example, if you look at the sidebar of this post you can see all those ‘Content SEO’ links to the category as well as you can also see links to the tags ‘Internal linking and ‘Site structure’. If you are using Yoast plugin you will notice that it make sure that the content on these pages is related to the content of this post by adding some links to the post

Link Value

To understand the relation between content, Google divides the link value over all the links provided on the website. Often, the homepage of a website has got most of the link value as it got most backlinks with it and this link value will get spread over all the links found on the homepage. The link value which is passed to the following page will be divided over the links on that page, and so on.

Therefore, if you link your newest post on the homepage instead of just linking them on the category page your newest blog post will get more link value. On top of that, if you link your post on the homepage, Google will able to find those post quicker than the other post which is not linked to the homepage

internal links

If you understand that links pass link value, you’ll also understand that more links mean more link value to your post. Because Google considers a page that gets valuable links more important, in that way you can increase the chance of ranking for that particular page and generate more traffic for your site.

Settings up an Internal linking strategy

Internal links

It’s necessary for SEO to calculate and improve your Internal linking strategy on an everyday basis. Through adding the proper Internal links make yourself sure that the Google understands the relevance of pages, the relationship between pages and the value pages.

The ideal structure

As for advice by the Yoast, a website owner has to imagine their website as a pyramid with the most important content on the Top. We call those articles as Cornerstone. There is plenty of links from topically related pages in the pyramid to that most necessary content. By doing that maximum link value passed to those pages. Then again, you must additionally link those top pages to subpages about related topics. Linking internally to the related content can show Google about which pages hold information and similar topics.

Internal Links

The ideal site looks like a pyramid

Linking your cornerstone content: an example

we’ve written some cornerstone content article, e.g. like ‘How to Earn Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing-Step By Step Guide’. We want some of this post to rank for all related search queries about {keyword research} in Google search results. By adding some internal links from other relevant articles, e.g. like ‘Coupons code Automated: Save Your Money & Time While Shopping Online’, ‘Warning Android Users: Security Firm Finds 36 Android Devices With Pre-Installed Malware Onboard’ and ‘Learn Guitar on your own-Beginners exercise’ to the main article.

internal links

Google will start to understand that the cornerstone content article holds most information about this keyword. So after some time, Google will rank the cornerstone articles above the other similar post for keyword research.

 Don’t forget to link from the top too

Well besides linking from topically related pages and post, it’s also possible to make your cornerstone articles more authoritative by adding links to it from the top of the navigation or the homepage. In case you do that, the most important pages & post will get you many link value and will make your site to become stronger in the eyes of the Google.

Linking to taxonomies

Internal links

If you run a blog, it might be more useful to add some Internal links to the taxonomies the post belongs to. Adding links to the tags and category, helps Google to know the structure of your blog post and helps the site visitors to easily navigate through the connected posts. Linking taxonomies helps Users and the Google to understand your site better.

Linking to related content

As mentioned before, your site needs linking to related post for the Google to understand the structure of your site better. At the end of the post, you can give your visitors the option to read more about the certain subject which you can link to one or more related pages and post. Besides that, you can also use plugins and modules to add complete related post section to your post. If you are using such type of tools, we recommend that you test it whether the related post are really related post or not. if you are not sure, linking to posts by yourself you can try using plugin created by Yoast for Internal linking Tool or more other tools later, which probably might be a better solution. In fact, that’s what is all about if you are unsure for internal linking manually.

Internal Links

Linking recent or popular posts

Another option to make your post rank high in the search engine is by linking internally to recently published post or most popular post on your website. This portion can be added to your blog’s sidebar or to your website’s footer so that you can show it on all posts and pages.

Internal links
linking related content

The advantage of making such section for recent or popular posts is that it passes the link value to the linked posts from many posts & pages. Moreover, it will be convenient for the visitors of the website to navigate through the pages easily and in the mean time getting more traffic is a positive sign for your website as well as Google, which can make your pages to rank high.

More on internal links

No-follow links

Likely you are also showing links on a page that aren’t essential for (SEO) search engine optimization. If you have a login link in your customers at the homepage, for e.g., you don’t want your link to leak link value for your login page then that page doesn’t need to rank high within the search results.

Internal links Earlier, you could prevent losing some link value to particular links by giving tagging it with ‘no-follow links’. This ‘no-follow’ tag shows Google, that it shouldn’t follow the given link to the targeted page. Ultimately no link value would pass through that given link. Now you might be wondering if you are going to tag ‘no-follow link’ to less important posts. To give more link value to the most important links. Indeed it was useful in the past but as the time pass by Google have become intelligent. When you include ‘no-follow link’ tag to a certain link, it seems like that the link value just disappear completely. Therefore it will be wiser to have fewer links instead of tagging ‘no-follow link’ to your post.

Internal links
SEO package

Remember by including ‘no-follow link’ tag, it doesn’t mean that people cannot find your post or targeted pages in Google’s search results. If you don’t want your posts or pages to show up in the search index; then you should tag ‘no-index’ to your post as well. Including of ‘no-index’ tag means that Google doesn’t render the page. Also, it doesn’t give the content a place in the Google search index. Ultimately the page won’t show up in the search results.

Anchor texts

Are you wondering what’s Anchor texts is? Well, it’s a text with a link to it that the visitors can see and click upon, taking them to that linked page. The link is added to the text which can be external and internal. But before you decide which links should be on a page and which pages should get more link value. It’s more important to use the right anchor text. For e.g  text given below shows, the anchor texts of the two internal links are ‘link schemes’ and ‘paid links’.

Internal links
anchor text

It would harm your website in case you over-optimize anchor text. With over-optimizing, it means keyword stuffing. In the past, you might have used all anchor texts with an identical keyword. Generally, google might have made your site rank higher for that precise keyword. Nowadays, google is intelligent enough to understand the connection of a keyword than the anchor text itself. Therefore make sure that the anchor text seems natural on your copy. However, you can use keyword but you cannot add the identical keyword to each anchor texts.

Easy internal linking with Yoast SEO premium

Internal links

The Yoast SEO premium is a very good plugin which helps in improving the internal linking structure of your site. The Yoast plugin has an internal linking suggestion tool which can help you to find and link to the related posts. While you are writing some content immediately you can link your post just by dragging links to the editor page. On the other hand, there’s another option to tick mark your most viewed articles as the cornerstone articles. The plugin is both useful and helpful for admin while monitoring. The suggestion tool will notify some cornerstone articles on top of the page if available.

Go link your post

internal links
jim carey typing furiously

As mentioned before that the Google cannot rank your content until you link your post to other related posts. With right internal link strategy, you can now show the related content along with the most informative and valuable articles. By doing so it can help you to increase your chance of ranking. So hurry up go ahead link your post.


Thanks to Meike Hendriks SEO consultant at the Yoast SEO Team for her helpful advice & knowledge


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