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Indonesia Muslim Country Unmarried Couple Get Punished Caught Kissing Inside…

Indonesia Kiss Punishment: In Indonesia, on Wednesday (June 7), an unmarried couple was publicly flogged after they were caught kissing inside a car. According to a report in Sindo News, a 23-year-old woman was caught kissing a 24-year-old boy. After this, the local police whipped both of them 21-21 in Bustanul Salatin complex on Sumatra island of Indonesia.

Unmarried couples were taken to separate rooms after they were caught kissing, where they were flogged. The woman fainted due to whipping. The police was first going to whip the unmarried couple for 25 lashes, but then left them after 21 lashes.

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kissing inside the car in the harbor area
The head of the Islamic Criminal Investigation Section in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, said the unmarried couple were caught violating a 2014 law related to Islamic criminal law, after which they were punished. An unmarried couple was caught kissing inside a car in Ule Li Harbor area of ​​Banda Aceh city of Sumatra.

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Aceh media outlet Bithe reported that a police officer allegedly felt movement in a parked car before going to check the vehicle, after which, upon looking inside the car, it was discovered that the man and the woman were kissing.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country
The girl was kept in Lhokanga jail while her boyfriend was kept in Kazhu jail before being flogged by the police. Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Here 90 percent of the total population is Muslim. Although a total of 5 religions are recognized here.

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