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Indian Wrestlers Announced To Immerse Medal In Ganga Once Boxer Muhammad Ali…

Wrestlers Protest News: Wrestlers who were removed from the protest site at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar have created a stir by announcing that they will exchange their medals in the Ganges. Wrestlers protesting demanding the arrest of BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh have said that they will go to Haridwar on Tuesday and throw their medals in the river Ganga. Along with this, the wrestlers have also announced to sit on fast unto death at India Gate.

After this announcement by the wrestlers of India, the story related to the world’s great boxer Mohammad Ali was also remembered when he threw his Olympic medal in the river to protest. Muhammad Ali was then known as Cassius Clay. He threw his Olympic gold medal in the Ohio River in 1960 to protest against racial discrimination.

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Was refused to give food in the restaurant

Ali was denied food at a white man’s restaurant due to racial discrimination. After which he expressed his disappointment by throwing the medal in the river. Ali mentioned this incident in his autobiography “The Greatest”. He told how he was discriminated against despite being an Olympic champion.

“Black people couldn’t eat there”

He wrote, “I came back to Louisville after winning the gold medal in the 1960 Rome Olympics. After that I went to a restaurant for lunch where black people could not eat. I sat down at the restaurant and asked to be served An Olympic champion was there asking for food wearing his gold medal and he was told we don’t serve niggers here.”

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That’s why the medal was thrown into the river.

Muhammad Ali continued, “I said no problem, I don’t eat. Then they kicked me out. So I went to the Ohio River and threw my gold medal in it. Later that day I ate a bologna sandwich in the car.” Was.” He also told in his book that in 1960 someone threw hot water on him during a march against racial segregation in Louisville. Racial segregation in America was at its peak during the era of Jim Crow laws. The historic step taken by Muhammad Ali was inspired by the pain of discrimination.

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Was honored after 36 years

In 1996, 36 years after this incident, Muhammad Ali was honored with a replacement gold medal. The gold medal was presented to Ali by the then president of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio, during a basketball match between the US and Yugoslavia.

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