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Indian Bank FD Rates Launched Special Fd Scheme Of 610 Days To Get 6.5%…

Indian Bank Special FD Scheme: If you are one of those people who like to invest their money in any risk free scheme then fixed deposit scheme is a great option for you. In the recent past, the Reserve Bank of India has increased the repo rate three times in a row. This has a direct impact on the interest rates of the FD scheme. In the recent past, many banks have launched FD schemes for a fixed time to attract customers. This includes many banks like Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, Punjab and Sind Bank. Now another name has been added to this list. The name of this bank is Indian Bank.

Indian Bank has launched a special FD scheme of 610 days. The name of this scheme is Ind Utsav 610 (IND UTSAV 610). You will get the benefit of higher interest rate by investing in this scheme. If you also want to get more return on FD by investing in this scheme (Indian Bank Special FD Scheme), then we are giving you information about some special features of this special FD scheme-

Customers are getting returns of up to 6.5%
The name of this special FD scheme launched by Indian Bank is Ind Utsav 610 (IND UTSAV 610). Under this scheme, ordinary citizens will get a return of 6.10% over a period of 610 days. On the other hand, talking about senior citizens, they will get a return of 6.25% under this scheme, which is 0.15% more than normal citizens. At the same time, 6.50% interest rate is being offered by the bank in this FD scheme to super senior citizens i.e. citizens above 80 years.

Invest in this scheme
Giving information about this special FD scheme, the bank has told how one can invest in this scheme. For this you can adopt both online and offline methods. For offline mode, first you go to Indian Bank’s Mobile Banking App and fill a form for FD scheme and submit the required documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, mobile number. After this the FD account will be opened in Indian Bank. Apart from this, you can also open this scheme from the bank’s mobile banking app INDOASIS mobile app. For this, you open the app and select the FD option. After this deposit your money and open your FD account for 610 days.

These banks have also launched special FD scheme
Recently many banks have increased their FD rates and launched special FD schemes for some period. This includes the names of banks like PNB (Punjab National Bank), Canara Bank, IDBI Bank and Punjab and Sind Bank. Punjab National Bank (PNB) has launched 405 days Special Utsav FD Scheme. Under this scheme, normal citizens are getting a return of 6.10% on FD of 405 days. On the other hand, Canara Bank is offering an interest rate of 6.50% to ordinary citizens on FDs of 666 days. IDBI Bank is offering 6.20% interest rate to general customers on investment in this deposit scheme with a tenor of 500 days. On the other hand, Punjab & Sind Bank is offering 6.10% interest on 501-day FD to normal customers.

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